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  1. I’ve pulled out the specific problem areas (which are also marked with asterisks in the sheet itself) and explained the issues.

    “Briarstream is also a very wily cat. She is very clever, but her mind cannot seem to allow her to stay in one place.” – This section is not well supported as to why these interpretations should be made, and in accordance has become a power play.

    “However, this bliss could not last forever as unfortunate events occurred shortly after becoming an apprentice” – Just a quick note that you should remember to add both this apprenticeship and her MC apprenticeship separately in the Key Dates list when you set that up.

    ** – This section represents a major issue that stems from CoSC specific lore. That is to say, Medicine Cats in our lore meet as a group. If a cat can’t reach StarClan the rest of the MCs would know about it. And since our ceremony is different ( link to the old site included here because I haven’t imported out ceremony document yet) and requires the Mentor and Apprentice to meet with StarClan to be approved for ordination prior to the leader granting the name… this would mean she wouldn’t have been able to earn her adult name. It’s okay if her relationship with StarClan isn’t great or to have worsened to the point of her being unable to reach them, but to have been made a medicine cat without being able to reach them is impossible here.

    “However, what she could not do was speak to StarClan, and cats began to resent her for this. After all, what kind of a medicine cat didn’t speak with StarClan? She was not respected as much as an authority figure, and rumor has it might have been removed had it been for the fact that no cat could take her place.” – See previous.

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