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[Sticky] Advertising Guidelines  

Player Ranks:

CoSC loves to trade ads with sites. If you post an advertisement here, we fully expect to have a guest-enabled area in which we can post a return ad (fair and even trades are expected) or an area with means for a non-member of your site to request the addition of an ad (or you may simply grab and post our add yourself).

We expect advertisements to either be a well-written blurb, or to be the form given below (user's choice). All advertisements must comply with our Image Rules on at least some level. Images should be reasonably sized (No forum stretching) and contain nothing that might endanger an epileptic, while not clashing terribly with the forum colors. They may exceed the listed sizes, if (and only if) the image is the means of delivering the site blub. Images that are strictly decorative must comply with image rules sizes.

All unacceptable advertisements will be removed by a member of our staff.

The Form (For use if you have no Blurb)

Please use if you do not have a nice descriptive advertisement for your game.

'''Site Name''' - 
'''URL''' - 
'''Subject''' - 
'''Description''' - 
'''Other''' - 

The Rules

  1. CoSC expects a forum on your site that does not require you to be signed up, just as we offer here. We will delete your advertisement if no convenience is provided for us as we have provided for you.
  2. Sites may not contain the following:
    • Violations of the Name Cheap Terms of Service.
    • Plagiarism or use of original materials from other sites without the permissions of those who created them.
    • Illegal content (Such things will be reported to the proper authorities)
  3. Please do not bother including the "Linking Back" LB in you title. Even if you're linking back. Kitsufox thinks they're not only unnecessary, but plain ugly and distracting. She's got enough time to work out for herself if she's advertised at a site already or not.

Rowanglade, Medicine Cat of WindClan

Posted : 8 October 2019 10:19 am

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