Species Submission

  • This is the name under which the file is saved. Please use: Species Common Name

  • By selecting a predator item out of this list designates this species to appear on the associated Predator listing in the predator guide.

  • Selecting a prey item out of this list designates this species to appear on the associated Prey listing in the Prey guide.

  • The common human name of the species you are describing.

  • The scientific name of the species you are describing.

  • A list of any other names used for the species, so that searches will find them.

  • You do not have access to upload / browse files. Contact your website admin to resolve.

  • The physical appearance of the species.

  • A list of items like length, height, and weight, as available for the species.

  • Description of the behaviors the clan-cats would be familiar with of the species in typical experience.

  • Any social behaviors and typical group size.

  • The level of staff that must approve this species to appear in RP.

  • A brief explanation for the approval level.

  • (IF PREDATOR) The level of danger this species poses to clan cats.

  • (IF PREDATOR) A phrase such as "All cats are vulnerable" or "Kits are vulnerable" to give details for the level.

  • (IF PREDATOR) A short explanation of why a specific danger level was selected for the species.

  • (IF PREY) Select the difficulty of the act of making a kill

  • (IF PREY) Explain in a sentence or so why you selected the kill difficulty you did.

  • (IF PREY) Explain briefly why you selected the level you selected.

  • (IF PREY) Brief explanation about why the training level was assigned.

  • (IF PREY) The quality of the food provided for the effort of catching this prey item.

  • Briefly explain why you selected the food quality level you did.

  • (IF PREY) The tactic used to hunt this species. This is used to apply this species to the correct tactic list in the mentoring information.

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