On the Subject of Adopting and Adoption of Characters

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Where do I find Characters Available for Adoption?

You will find the characters for adoption in the Adoptions Department along with a number of rules, instructions, and explanations.

When will the ability for players to offer characters become available?

At the moment, Kitsufox has no immediate plans to re-implement this with any haste, and in accordance, no timeline for the restoration of this program is available. If you have a legitimate reason to which to drop a couple of characters (IE: Not enough time to adequately play the number of characters you have due to real life obligations) just drop a line to Kitsu and she will do her best to facilitate whatever needs doing.

How do characters end up confiscated?

Characters end up confiscated for two reasons:

  1. The player has gone AWOL for at least a month, and the character has gone idle for lack of a player.
  2. The player has violated some rule that was severe enough to warrant ejection from this game.

What is this Easement thing?

Easement is a program that makes it so new players who wish to adopt might be able to in cases where the staff has decided that a character is suitable for an inexperienced CoSC player. A full explanation is available at the Adoptions Department.

If a character is an eased adoption, do I have to adopt it that way?

The only reason you would need to make an offer under easement is if that was the only way you would qualify to adopt that character. If you do not need the easement to be eligible, then you do not need to make the offer under eased rules. In fact, if you make an Eased offer and it is accepted the character is not yet yours until you get through the approvals process with it. It should also be noted that normal offers take priority over eased offers.

Who decides who gets a character up for adoption?

It depends on the adoption itself. I’ve compiled a list.

  • General Adoptions – Admin Team
  • Confiscations – Admin Team
  • Eased Adoptions – Admin Team
  • Petitions to Return Character to Camera – Admin Team
  • NPC Family – Player of Related PC
  • IC Litters – Parental Players

If I’m waiting on an adoption, do I need to wait to create a character?

If you do not have an option pending character slot and file an offer on an adoptable character, that adoption may be accepted “In Trust” by the staff, until such time as the character is able to go into your pending character slot.

Keep in mind that you may have any number of Non-player Characters may be pending (Such as the members of your previously approved PC’s family) and your creation slot would still be considered open; NPCs do not count against that number.