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Selene for Maplesprig x Speckledfrost Kitten #2 – Chosen of StarClan
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Selene for Maplesprig x Speckledfrost Kitten #2

Player Selene wishes to adopt Sandkit.

Statement of Intent:

I am a new player and currently don’t have many ideas for a new cat. Speckledfrost’s and Maplesprig’s litter, however, intrigued me. I am curious to know what it would be like for a cat to live with their father as an elder, and their mother (presumably?) not.


I hope I can give this kitten a good life story. This seems like a fun litter to give development to — so far, should I be accepted to play this kit, I have the name Sandkit in mind. I picture a fun little guy who loves his littermates, his Clan, and everything about life — an overall pessimist, with the courage expected of any ThunderClan cat but a sincere hatred for violence.


Thank you for giving me a chance to bring life to this kit!

The staff has decided to Approve this application.

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