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Semi-feral Cat
A Male cat.
By Cearnaigh out of Venus.
Living at the age of 1.3 Years (17 Moons)
Short Descrpition: A black tom with ghost rosette markings and bright amber eyes.
Long Descrpition:

Aodhan is the spitting image of his father with a black night pelt and bright amber eyes. When in the sunlight, his pelt reveals the faint ghost markings much like that of a panther. His coat itself is short and silky soft, as often ungroomed as it is groomed depending on what he’s been up to. His build is tall, like his father’s, although he is built a bit more sturdy than he appears. He has a slender, sleek look to him, as he is still growing, he currently appears more lanky with almost overly large ears.


Thanks to his mother, Aodhan is naturally curious and willing to speak to other cats so he might learn things about the world he otherwise might not know. Since arriving in Whitehart, he has been eager to do some exploring and currently wishes to find ways around town without attracting the attention of humans so perhaps he might be able to start offering an escort-type assistance to those travelling cats who might need it.

Aodhan loved his mother dearly and misses her terribly but he still has his sister and, while he wants to know what happened to his sire and start working towards his escorting services, he is still a little uncertain at leaving his sister unattended, feeling protective and afraid something might happen to her in his absence.

If there is one thing Aodhan tends to be, it’s polite and well-mannered. Even if he wasn’t raised in the Royal court, his mother wanted him to learn and be prepared for the attitude and behaviors expected in the royal court, although he will be the first to admit he is not a fan of all the pomp and circumstance.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of First Green (2019)
Full History:

His sire is Cearnaigh, who was the youngest prince of Camelot and technically the black sheep of the family in both looks and personality- the black prince didn’t like being a prince and wanted to just enjoy life. As such Cearnaigh took to escaping from his humans to roam the night. One night, Cearnaigh met up with Aoife, a feisty but kind she-cat. Aoife’s gentle, carefree personality drew Cearnaigh and he often found himself enjoying the freedom of wandering the farm with her in the night, telling her of his life in the Royal court which fascinated her. The last time Aoife saw him was the night they created her one and only litter resulting in Aodhan and his twin, Ahryndae. Aoife doesn’t know what happened to Cearnaigh or the kingdom after that.

Aoife was a loving mother, who dreadfully missed their father and the town of Whitehart, and did her best to make sure the kits felt loved. She wanted to reinforce the kits’ joy in life and encouraged their natural curiosity. She would tell her kits bedtime stories about what she had learned of the Kingdom of Camelot, of the royal court and the Royal family, hoping to fill their minds with wonder and dreams. Even though he enjoyed listening to the stories and he learned what his mother taught him, the thought of potentially being inserted into such a situation was not to his fancy, although Aodhan knew that it was right up his sister’s alley.

About the time he reached a year, Aodhan and his sister began to discuss travelling to Whitehart and perhaps finding out what happened to their sire and possibly make a place for themselves at the courts. They had discovered that the town was only a couple away from the one they currently resided at. The idea was put into play after their mother became sick and eventually passed away. It has taken them some time but they have finally managed to find their way back to Whitehart, though it appears to be much different than they had initially expected.

Sire: Cearnaigh (A night-black tom)
Dam: Venus (A velvet furred spotted, lynx point sepia half-Bengal half-Burmese tabby)
Full Siblings:
Ahryndae (A black she-cat with ghost rosette markings and golden eyes)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Aodhan Cearnaigh Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Venus Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Significant Cats
Notes & Additional Details
Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
Bans Data: Aodhan has been compiled into the bans records.
Aodhan is a Male Cat with a Black Non-color restricted pelt of Short Normal textured hair. They are of Medium Size and Common build. Their eyes are Amber and ears are Abnormal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Long legs. They are of Mix Bengal descent.

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