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Warrior of RiverClan
A Male cat who identifies Male.
By Pending Sire out of Pending Dam.
Living at the age of 25 Moons (1.9 Years)
Short Descrpition:
Long Descrpition:

Birchface is a tom who takes great pride and care in his appearance. While short furred, his coat is plush and well kept. He is athletic in build- more lean in his musculature than bulky and standing tall and long rather than broad. His eyes are a lovely shade of pale green- comparable to the new, budding growth in spring when the last of the frost has been swept away by the warmth of the sun. His coat coloration is a brown spotted tabby, with a beautiful depth of color that seems to have hints of gold in the correct lighting. This is contrasted by a white muzzle, throat, underbelly, chest, and paws- which are always kept pristine by meticulous grooming.

Short Description: A beautiful golden brown spotted tabby tom with white markings and pale green eyes.


Birchface is a tom who enjoys nothing more than petty vanity- primping and preening are favorite activities of his. He understands the concept that appearances matter, as do first impressions, and he always aims to put his best paw forward. While never particularly burdened with intelligence, he is perceptive and empathetic, often living life by “checking the vibe”. He is impulsive, rarely thinking things through (unless it has to do with how to place his fur just so), and often leaping into situations head first.

With this said, he is not a particularly brave tom. He often lacks in raw resolve and courage, finding himself the subject of teasing. However, he doesn’t ever particularly deny that, yes, he is, in fact, more concerned the fact that cut may scar than the fact whatever the threat is at hand needs dealt with. Oh, he understands that it does- but leave that to the big, burly Warriors who live for the fight. He understands there are finer things in life. It would be fair to state that Birchface is slightly hedonistic- as he makes it clear that he prefers sunning, a good meal, and attractive company to performing his duties.

It’s not that he refuses to perform as a Warrior. Simply that he doesn’t see the need to go above and beyond. He does what is expected of him, and no more.

Despite his vanity and cowardice, Birchface does have some redeeming qualities. He is charismatic, intuitive, and empathetic- making him an incredible conversationalist and in tune with the feelings of those around him. His sense of humor and wit are frequently able to delight, though he does perhaps lack a filter. And while he is flirtatious with cats of all walks of life, he honors given boundaries and is quick to back off when he detects discomfort. His frequent flirtation could get him labelled as a player, however he is a hopeless romantic at heart.

In his interpersonal communication, he tends to shine. Often knowing intuitively when to be the shoulder to cry on and listening ear, and when to encourage, and what to say. When matters are serious, he conducts himself with nearly unmatched sincerity- a considerable contrast from his normal mask of petty vanity.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Lion's Glory (2018)
Full History:

Born approximately two years, or twenty four moons ago, Birchface was born to a loving mother and father by the names of Reedfur and Ottersplash. They were two senior warriors of RiverClan, already on the cusp of entering the Elder’s Den when they opted for a litter. Birchface’s parents’ relationship was founded on deep mutual respect, admiration, and friendship that had been fostered since their apprenticehood.

Even with Birchface being an only kit, the pair were thrilled and fell easily into the role of doting parents- with age slowing their steps for Warrior Duties. While they did not have the vigor of youth to offer their Clan or their son, they did have the wisdom gained through many moons of service. His kithood was relatively peaceful- uninterrupted by any major disorder. There were, of course, the minor border skirmishes and bickering over prey that always occurs between Clans. However, little to nothing in the way of personal tragedy. Birchface, then Birchkit, reached six moons old a healthy, athletically built young tom and was granted the name Birchpaw- as well as his mentor. It was with their son’s apprenticeship that Ottersplash and Reedfur retired to the Elder’s den.

It was Guppynose that took on the role of his mentor. Guppynose was a bit anxious in regards to the task, as Birchface was the young warrior’s first apprentice. However, despite Birchpaw being a boisterous, and at times irreverent young tom, the two did develop a deep bond- with Birchpaw approaching Guppystream for advice on all matters of life. However, it was also during his apprenticeship that he learned the art of manipulation- often bribing or otherwise convincing his fellow apprentices to take on various duties for him. He would visit his parents frequently, also leaning on their wisdom. While they encouraged him to work hard and devote time to his training, they also often expressed regret that they had not taken more time in their youth to enjoy their lives.

It was as such that he barely scraped by his Warrior’s assessment the second time (after he had gotten caught sunning himself during the first). He was named for his charm and pride in his appearance, being given the suffix of “face”. And so, Birchface was now a young RiverClan warrior- ready to take the world by storm.

Except he didn’t. He found himself a cat of slightly above average talent, however not having put in the work to truly develop those. And while he could defend himself as well as a Warrior needed- solving things with tooth and claw never appealed to him when words could often suffice much more easily. And while he understood the necessity of hunting, he only ever worked hard enough to maintain being slightly above average in the matter- and only did what was necessary. Still, good times could not last forever. Nothing does.

And the Winter came. Harsh, cold, and unforgiving. The prey ran thin, and it became harder and harder to hunt on the River.

Birchface survived. His parents, in their advanced age, did not. Nor did Guppynose.

And so, he mourned his losses- turning inward. Much like the Winter froze over the Forest, it froze him over. He became distant from his Clanmates. And when the snow thawed, spring brought life anew to the Forest. And after moons of depression and gloom from the normally chipper tom, he found that just as spring breathed new life into the forest, it breathed new life into him as well. And while he still misses his mentor and his parents and being able to lean on their experience, he found that the grief had become bearable.

Birchface was able to smile again, and resolved to himself that, in their memory, he would choose to live well. He did not need to accomplish greatness or to rise to incredible heights.

He could simply live- and that was enough.

Sire: Pending Sire (Sire will be created after approval)
Dam: Pending Dam (Dam will be created after approval)
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Birchface Pending Sire Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
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Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
Bans Data: Birchface has not been compiled into the bans records.

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