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Queen of ThunderClan
A Male cat.
By Cindercloud out of Speckledfrost.
Living at the age of 44 Moons (3.4 Years)
Short Description:

A one-eyed, scarred black tuxedo tom with a twisted right forepaw

Long Description:

Bravesong is an average, slightly on the smaller side yet lean muscled, short haired black and white tuxedo tom. He’s mainly black but his chest and toes are white, as well as part of his face, which has a white blaze down its center. Due to a fox attack, both of his black ears are ragged and ripped, and his face is scarred with twin diagonal slashes down the left side of his face. When once both of his eyes were healthy and hued hazel in color, his left eye is unusable, blind in that eye. Deep scratches line his chest, and his right front paw sticks out at an odd angle and walks with a noticeable limp.


Before the days of Bravesong’s injuries he was a vibrant and upbeat cat, extremely talkative even to those who might not really be interested in listening to him. He always had something to talk about whether it be a saddled opinion, clan gossip, or stories of patrols, hunts, or tales of Starclan.


In recent moons after his injury, Bravesong is more reserved, preferring to socialize with fewer cats and becoming more selective of the company he keeps due to his sensitive nature. He is very protective of those he truly values, and would gladly sacrifice himself again if it meant shielding them from harm.


A younger Bravesong would have been resentful of his fate, reflecting pessimism and general ill smoke towards anyone and everything, but nowadays he isn’t ashamed to rest and be among his clanmates. Bravesong can be quiet and contemplative, yet still retains the gentle, inquisitive nature of his past self. He won’t hesitate to speak up for the small or the frail. Kits and young apprentices are more than enough to return Bravesong to the vibrant flame he truly is and can commonly be seen near the nursery or entertaining the young ones of his clan.


He is beyond the days of trivial competitions between young warriors and cross clan scuffles, and while he tries his hardest to remain practical and helpful around camp, he is an advocate for restful pleasures and reminding the restless busy-bodies in camp to slow down and appreciate nature and the little things in life.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Running Prey (2017) 095
Full History:

[0-6 moons]

Bravesong was conceived from the mutual interest between two young warriors, his dame, Speckledfrost, and his sire, Cindercloud. He was born as Jaykit within the prey rich moons of green leaf, and although he was born an only kit, his mother was young and healthy and was his sole source of food and warmth in those precious few weeks. His sire was an active participant in rearing his kit, and together the two warriors tried to instill courage and understanding within him.

[6-12 moons]

He was a happy, bouncy kit, who did not lack potential, had a difficult time focusing on tasks, so he was given to a mentor who the leader could trust to reel in the excitable tomkit. Jaypaw’s apprenticeship was many trials of self restraint, if rather mundane. Hunting required a bit more focus than he could muster at times, eventually learning the patience necessary to develop into an adequate hunter. Despite his weak points, he excelled at combat, where his energetic strikes and skills came relatively easy to him as he developed into his apprenticeship. Jaypaw prevailed through determination and the perseverance of his mentor – who, while he didn’t appreciate Jaypaw’s talkative nature, could not deny the potential he saw in him. With barely contained excitement, Jaypaw stood proud as he received his warrior name, Jaysong, under his parent’s approving gaze.

[12-20 moons]

Jaysong’s early moons as a warrior was honing his skills and further developing his focus, with the occasional word of approval or disapproval of his mentor. When he wasn’t bringing back prey or patrolling clan borders, he spent most of his time either with his parents, with elders, or visiting the nursery, never shy in sharing his most recent hunting trip or showing off things he had seen on his patrols. He developed a sort of bond with one of the kits in the nursery, and enjoyed bringing back parts of the kill for the kit to play with. While he took part in the usual border scuffles, his most memorable one involved chasing a pair of loners off Thunderclan land who had stolen rightful Thunderclan prey, rebuking the pair with a few well aimed swipes.

[21-32 moons]

It was, perhaps, a bit surprising when the leader chose him to become a senior warrior, but this wasn’t the only honor that came with the name as he was given an apprentice to mentor. It was the kit whom he had grown close to, and Jaysong practically glowed with pride. Together they had a good balance; the kit, who tended to be more quiet and shy at confrontation, and the self assured tomcat who could inspire confidence and skill. The first moons went swimmingly enough, reaffirming starclans lore and hammering out the meaning behind the warrior code as his mentor had done before him. The apprentice excelled at hunting, much to Jaysong’s relief, who never developed into the best hunter, but was there to show them all the tips and tricks of sparring and fighting. His apprentice was shaping up to be a well rounded individual who took direction well an during the last moon of his tutelage, the soon to be warrior invited Jaysong with him on a hunting trip. Jaysong brought Mistyleaf along to share in the fun. Although he was mindful not to overhunt, it was a cause for celebration and the prey was running in full. The got halfway into their hunt when they caught wind of a male fox up ahead, and their plans shifted dramatically to finding out a way to drive the predator out of thunderclan territory. With his apprentice in tow, he and Mistyleaf started their approach, but the fox was already wary of their presence. Soon they were in a fight. Jaysong instructed his apprentice to retreat back to camp and warn them of the foxes presence, but the fox broke off from them and tore after the smaller cat. Right when his apprentice was about to be run down and overpowered, Jaysong burst into the fox with determined force. Both fox and cat rolled together, the fox snapping at Jaysong and the warrior kicking and scratching at whatever he could find while the apprentice darted in to help. It wasn’t long before Mistyleaf joined the battle, but by that time, the large fox had done a number on the tom. There was nothing but a bloody socket on the left side of his face, ears torn and chest bleeding from multiple bite marks. With Mistyleaf’s aid, the fox was felled – and Jaysong, barely able to hold himself up, limped lamely into camp, his front paw twisted at an odd angle.

[33-41 moons]

For taking part in ridding thunderclan territory from the fox and saving the life of his soon-to-be-warrior apprentice, Jaysong was somberly given a new name – a name that would mark his heroic deeds in preserving of clan and life. Jaysong had become Bravesong – a name that was bittersweet on the ears of his parents, who stayed with their son the first night of his stay in the medicine cat’s den not knowing whether or not their son would live or die from his injuries. Bravesong suffered multiple lacerations on his chest and his whole body was a mess of moss and blood from his torn ears and the broken bones of his front right paw. His entire left eye had been scratched from its socket, and that first few nights were a feverish fight of fever dreams and lost consciousness. While seriously doubting his full recovery, their was still hope that he’d survive after the worst had blown over and infection hadn’t set. Unfortunately, Bravesong was not well enough to attend his apprentice’s warrior ceremony – but little by little over the moons, he improved. Yet it was obvious that he’d never again retain his warrior status – to all except his own pride. Despite his one eye and his deformed paw, he tried his best to maintain the daily goings of a usual warrior, but it was soon apparent that he lacked the coordination and finesse he once did, and would no doubt become a liability. With a heart as heavy as a boulder, Bravesong approached Goldenstar and formally, and begrudgingly accepted his new rank as an Elder. Despite his happiness at his apprentice’s new warrior name and responsibilities, Bravesong only fell deeper into his slump, thinking himself worthless. He didn’t deserve his name, with he wrongfully assumed it was given to him out of pity before they even knew if he lived or died. And now he suffered the consequences of this new half life. Bravesong became jaded, chased away the love and support of his parents and his clan. During this separation, his father disappeared from his life. One day he went hunting near Treecut Place and never returned. And Bravesong never got a chance to say goodbye. Partially through this sobering realization and partially from his once apprentice and mother, Bravesong, with painstaking slowness and careful self reflection, discarded his hard shell and hollow insides. It became a new trial to learn how to love himself again – and he tried to look at all the positives in his life; he had saved an apprentice and now that apprentice was a well-balanced, contributing warrior of the clan and he had fought off and killed a dangerous threat in their territory. His life was a lesson of humility  – and his sacrifice ultimately made him into a better cat, he just needed a new, wider perspective. In the more recent moons of his life, he has finally begun to accept his role in the clan. While not a busy warrior anymore, he no doubt tries to remain active – offering a helping paw at odd tasks around camp, often wishing their were some kits in the nursery to take his mind off things.

But when he’s not up and about, he can often be seen staring wistfully into the wind or lounging around camp, reminding the extra hard-working to remember to take some time for themselves because life is short and worth enjoying.

[42- Current moons]

After the events of the Gathering of Lion’s Glory (2020), a lilac ticked kit newly named Coyotekit was brought back from the night’s dazzling events and tales of Starclan blessed cats. Knowing that no one was in the nursery, it was a surprise when Moosestar assigned them the task of keeping watch and care of the newly Thunderclan adopted kitten. Surely it would have been more fitting for Wildcry or Speckledfrost to become a temporary queen, but Bravesong took to his new ward with care, humbled by the opportunity and willing to teach Coyotekit everything she needs to know to become fully thunderclan fledged!

Sire: Cindercloud (A laid back black bicolor tom with hazel eyes)
Dam: Speckledfrost (A dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with gray eyes)
Maternal Siblings:
Brindlepaw (A mostly blue dilute tortie she-cat with a cream chest & amber eyes)
Dovepaw (A dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with a cream blaze and green eyes)
Dustpaw (A cream tabby tom with amber eyes)
Larchpaw (A cream tabby and white she-cat with green eyes)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Bravesong Cindercloud Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Speckledfrost Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Significant Cats

Close with his apprentice, now warrior.

Notes & Additional Details
Genetics: This character has been assigned a genetic code.
Bans Data: Bravesong has been compiled into the bans records.
Bravesong is a Male Cat with a Black Non-color restricted Bicolor pelt of Short Normal textured hair. They are of Medium-small Size and Common build. Their eyes are Hazel and ears are Damaged. Their tail is Normal, with Damaged paws and Normal legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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