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Queen of ShadowClan
A Female cat.
By Tallstride out of Petalstorm.
Living at the age of 39 Moons (3 Years)
Short Description:

A shorthaired cream lynx point tabby with bright blue eyes.

Long Description:

Clovershine’s short, cream-colored fur is the color of pale sunshine which is only interrupted by the dark brown, tabby stripes that wrap around her like shadows. Tufted ears, medium-sized paws, and bright blue eyes give her a gentle, playful appearance. However, her lithe and well-muscled form reveals all the hard work and training she has put into practice during her time as a Shadow Clan warrior.  A light pink nose sets directly beneath the darker brown coloring of her nose bridge and is offset by the dark whisker freckles on her cheeks. Although mostly free from scars, Clovershine’s left back leg is always stiff and usually at an odd angle due to a hawk attack that happened during her apprenticeship.


Clovershine’s love for life far outshines her love for anything else. While clan and duty have stamped a permanent mark upon her heart, the outgoing she-cat has always been one who believes that the purity of one’s soul carries more weight than any simple action. Because of this, Clovershine tends to look at a cat’s best traits while missing most of the negatives. With bright eyes and a luster for any activity (despite how mundane it may be) Clovershine received her warrior name based on these prominent traits.


Always the optimist and friendly as they come, Clovershine likes to think she makes friends easily. The word “stranger” is practically unknown to her (much to Palestar’s chagrin) yet she does understand the difference between her clan friends and outsiders.


Perhaps her biggest downfall, Clovershine thrives in excellence. She sets high expectations for herself and when an inevitable failure occurs, Clovershine can’t help but throw herself into the next task with even more vigor- all the more determined to be perfect the next time around. This most likely stems from her and her sister’s competitive nature as kits. Despite the problematic nature of this trait, it has ultimately proven useful in Clovershine’s training and success as a warrior of Shadowclan.

Most often, Clovershine can be found patrolling ShadowClan territory whenever she can. With a love for movement and keeping herself busy, it is rare that the young Warrior is seen lounging about camp; although she does love to visit the elder’s den and the nursery often.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Turning Leaves (2017) 100
  • Made an Apprentice as Cloverkit in ShadowClan during the Moon of Melting Waters (2018) 106
  • Named a Warrior as Cloverpaw in ShadowClan during the Moon of First White (2018) 114
Full History:

[0-6 moons]

Cloverkit was born in a litter of two alongside her sister, Whisperkit. Their mother, Petalstorm, was middle-aged when she and Tallstride decided to have kits, so it was no great surprise when the birth took a lot out of the ShadowClan she-cat. Eventually, Cloverkit and her sister had no choice but to suckle from another queen in order to allow their mother the rest she required. Although difficult for Petalstorm, she remained by her kits’ side until they were weaned and ready to venture out into the world. From the very beginning, Cloverkit was more adventurous than her sister, always following her nose towards the opening of the den despite her kitten eyes; curious to know what great things belonged to the smells that she could detect. Despite this great curiosity, it was always snuggles with her sister that Cloverkit longed for the most at the end of the day.

The first time that Cloverkit noticed a difference from other cats around her was the day that Whisperkit rebuked a fellow kit- Briarkit- for losing her eye to a fox. Cloverkit was shocked at her sister’s behavior when poor Briarkit had already lost so much for her actions. It was then that she decided she would always be a support to those who needed her, regardless of the cost.

[6-11 moons]

Cloverpaw and her sister, now named Palepaw, were apprenticed during the Moon of Melting Waters (2018). Initially, Cloverpaw was so nervous about who her mentor would be and whether or not they would get along but she shouldn’t have worried. A Senior Warrior by the name of Briarstorm took Cloverpaw under his wing, and together they spent every waking moment training or patrolling. Cloverpaw was in complete bliss! She loved spending time with Briarstorm and the Senior Warrior clearly enjoyed his apprentice’s enthusiasm. Cloverpaw soaked up everything her mentor told her and practiced her drills even when he wasn’t around to make sure she did her very best during their sparring time.

Some of Cloverpaw’s most memorable moments were the days when she and Palepaw got to spar. Since the sisters were constantly busy with either hunting or training, it was rare that they got to spend time together like they did when they were kits. Unlike Palepaw, Cloverpaw saw these sparring times as opportunities to play with her sister again, and so although she tried her best in other areas, Cloverpaw just couldn’t bring herself to fully attack her sister. Because of this, Cloverpaw often lost to Palepaw and it wasn’t long before Cloverpaw began to feel disdain towards her sister. Why was Palepaw being so cold? Did she not care about Cloverpaw anymore?

Over time, the differences between the two sisters drove them apart and it wasn’t long before their mentors realized something must be done. In an attempt to bring Cloverpaw and Palepaw back together, the sisters were assigned hunting duty. Unfortunately, this result would bring about something the mentors never could have foreseen.

As the sisters were hunting at the Heathlands one day, Cloverpaw had wandered away from Palepaw intent on tracking prey. It wasn’t until a rush of wind and sharp claws dug into her hind leg that Cloverpaw realized she had made a grave mistake. With a screech, Cloverpaw swung around in the air, trying her best to claw at the hawk that had begun carrying her into the sky. Despite her best efforts, Cloverpaw wasn’t strong enough and the wound to her leg had dazed her badly, causing dark shadows to creep into the corners of her vision. She had almost given up all hope when a shadow crashed into the hawk, bringing it to the ground. It was Palepaw. Her sister fought bravely, hissing and swiping at the hawk in fury as it tried to peck her in the eyes. Cloverpaw struggled to get to her feet and help, but the pain overtook her and she passed out. She awoke not long later, Palepaw breathing heavily over her and panting that they needed to get back to camp. Fighting to get back on her paws, Cloverpaw gasped as her left hind leg gave out under her. She knew something was terribly wrong, but shut off her mind and limped back to camp with Palepaw at her side.

Cloverpaw and Palepaw spent much time in the medicine cat’s den and although Palepaw’s recovery was slow, she did return to training far faster than Cloverpaw. With a broken leg, it was a worry between Cloverpaw and her mentor that she’d ever be able to return to warrior training. This crushed Cloverpaw as all she’d ever tried to do was be a support to her clan and the best fighter she could be, yet she’d failed to a hawk. In fact, if it hadn’t been for her sister Cloverpaw wouldn’t even be alive. While it took a long time for her leg to heal, it took even longer for Cloverpaw’s spirit to lighten once more.

Palepaw’s warrior ceremony came and went, earning her the name of Palestrike. Although Cloverpaw was proud of her sister, the sting of being left behind and the weight of her stiff leg was almost more than she could bear. Yet, despite it all, Cloverpaw did her best to move forward with a smile.

[11-33 moons]

Despite the stiffness in her leg, Cloverpaw strengthened her resolve and worked with her mentor and the medicine cat daily in stretches that would help to restore her mobility. After many moons of hard work, Cloverpaw was able to finally get back to training and eventually earned her warrior name in the chilly days of the Moon of First White (2018). Her vigil that night was long and cold, but Clovershine didn’t care, for she had her new name, and she was determined to shine bright despite the pain that throbbed in her leg. From that day forward, Clovershine dedicated herself to learning how to fight and work through her disability. In the back of her mind, she knows that an early elderhood lies in her future, yet she is determined to do the best she can for her Clan while she is able.

Clovershine and Palestar have been able to work through their differences and although still at odds from time to time, Clovershine is extremely proud of her sister and all her accomplishments. Clovershine can mostly be found visiting the elder’s den or the nursery when she isn’t hunting or on patrols.

[35 Moons]

Recently, Clovershine stumbled upon a rather dazzling discovery, an intriguing WindClan tom by the name of Cloudflare. His bright coat caught her attention at first, but slowly over a few chance encounters, she became enraptured with his even brighter personality. Taking a strange comfort in his company, Clovershine eventually requested something that she never expected even from herself…for him to father her kittens. Clovershine wanted a family of her own, and although her path could have lead many different directions, she created a bright spot with this new happiness and purpose. Becoming a mother of two has filled her days with a new found dedication and she anxiously looks forward to how these new kits will bring light to ShadowClan. As expected, no one knows who the real father of these kittens is.

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Sire: Tallstride (A leggy longhaired white tom with a short tail and yellow eyes)
Dam: Petalstorm (A torbie point she-cat with mid-length fur and pale blue eyes)
Full Siblings:
Palestar (An odd eyed, long-furred seal lynx point tabby she-cat)
Dazzlekit (A bright red mackerel tabby tom with light copper eyes.)
Redkit (A cream mackerel tabby tom-kit with white paws and copper eyes)
Other Family:

Adopted Son: Murkkit

Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Clovershine Tallstride Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Petalstorm Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)

[Genealogy Details]

Significant Cats
Mated with:
Cloudflare (A stocky red classic tabby bicolor tom with copper eyes.)
Briarstorm (A scarred gray tom with green eyes and a missing chunk of his right ear)
Notes & Additional Details

The Beautiful Lynx Point Siamese Cat: Facts and Pictures - Our Sweet Cats

Previously played by: Rinayla
Litters Carried: By of Cloudflare on 26th day of the Running Prey 2020
      2 Kits: Redkit, Dazzlekit
Genetics: This character has been assigned a genetic code.
Bans Data: Clovershine has been compiled into the bans records.
Clovershine is a Female Cat with a Cream Pointed pelt of Short Normal textured hair. They are of Medium-small Size and Semi-foreign build. Their eyes are Blue and ears are Abnormal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Normal legs. They are of Mix Maine Coon descent.

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