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A Player Character played by IfOnlyApril

Warrior of ThunderClan
A Male cat.
By Unknown Sire out of Unknown Dam.
Living at the age of 17 Moons (1.3 Years)
Short Descrpition:
Long Descrpition:

Cypressleaf is a brown tabby tom with a white chest, belly, paws and face. His eyes are light green and the tip of his tail is plumed. On his white chest he has a small brown spot and the very tip of his fluffy tail is white. 


Cypressleaf is a very positive cat, praising his clanmates whenever he gets the chance. He can almost always find something to compliment, whether it be their skills, the way they treat others, or just little mannerisms he finds admirable. The cat a lot of this is directed toward is his former mentor, Bravesong, who Cypressleaf admires more than any other cat. Cypressleaf, though shy and soft-spoken, doesn’t let others talk down to him and usually has a solid self-worth believing he’s just as good as other warriors and is content to simply play his part. When he is hurt by someone’s words or actions he tries his best not to show it. It would typically take a keen eye to see if he were feeling a bit down that day and his hiding it shows that he wouldn’t want anyone to know in the first place. He enjoys hunting and considers it the best way he contributes to the clan. 

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Tiger's Wraith (2018)
  • Made an Apprentice as Cypresspaw in ThunderClan during the Moon of Long Sun (2019)
  • Named a Warrior as Cypressleaf in ThunderClan during the Moon of Long Nights (2019)
Full History:

Cypresskit was born in the Moon of Tiger’s Wrath (2018). As a kit, Cypresskit was extremely shy and withdrawn. He’d always felt like an outsider around the other kits and, since he was too scared to play with them oftentimes he was left alone. He even got teased for being so shy by a certain older kit, Wrenkit, who was always a bit rowdy but it was all in good fun. It would be almost impossible to tell that Cypresskit was hurt by it. One warrior, however, helped him come out of his shell a bit and that was Jaysong. Jaysong helped him gain confidence and Cypresskit looked up to the warrior wishing he could be talkative like him. When time to become an apprentice rolled around Cypresskit found himself silently asking that his mentor would be Jaysong and Star Clan answered his prayers. Cypresskit was named Cypresspaw and started training under Jaysong. Things started to get better and better for Cypresspaw, he was starting to embrace his introverted nature and he was happier than ever. He even managed to fight the older apprentice, Wrenpaw. Fortunately, no blood was drawn, and even though Cypresspaw ended up losing the very fact that he stood up to Wrenpaw was enough for him. Everything was going great until the fox attacked. Cypresspaw had nearly been killed, only saved by Jaysong who hurt himself very badly in the process. Jaysong was renamed Bravesong after it all, Cypresspaw said his mentor’s new name with pride, after all his bravery deserved to be recognized. Though, underneath it all, Cypresspaw felt guilty, always wondering that if he had done something different Bravesong could continue as a warrior rather than moving into the elder’s den. Cypresspaw was named Cypressleaf in a ceremony not long after. It still pains him to look at Bravesong’s injuries, believing he caused them, though he still loves his former mentor and tries as best he can, to spend time with him so he isn’t bored as an elder. 

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Genealogy & Pedigree
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Cypressleaf Unknown Sire ()
Unknown Dam ()
Significant Cats

Former Mentor: Bravesong

Notes & Additional Details
Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
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