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A Player Character played by nightwhisper123

Warrior of RiverClan
A Female cat who identifies Female.
Living at the age of 126 Moons (9.7 Years)
Short Description:

Long Description:

She is a softly shaped dark gray, blue, and white spotted tabby with glimmering sage-colored eyes. She has white socks on her two front paws and stockings on her two hind legs. She has long graceful legs and sharp curvy claws. Her back is oddly shaped with a little dent in the middle unless she is crouching, running, curling into a ball, or crouching to jump. She has medium fur and a thinly feathered tail that swishes around when she is annoyed or stressed. The dark gray stripe that runs down her back and her tail, morphs into a short white tail tip. She has short ears with little tufts of fur at the top of them. She has a delicately shaped snout.


a slightly snarky cat that can be rude without meaning to be. She grumbles a lot when you upset her, but she is really a nice cat if you give her the chance. Not a lot of cats want to be her friend because she has a bit of an attitude, but she loves friends and is a very playful and fun cat when comfortable. She has a variety of emotions depending on who she is talking to. With people who she respects, she is very sweet, kind, and helpful. But with people she dislikes, she is very rude, snarky, and bossy to them. She hates being alone and loves to stay right next to the cats she loves. She can be uptight and protective, but mostly because she is repaying someone in her own way, or honestly protecting people just to be kind. If you give her a chance to talk to you, she actually has quite a way with words and can brighten up you day with a complement.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Tiger's Wraith (2010) 013
Full History:
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Mistflight ()
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Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
Bans Data: Mistflight has not been compiled into the bans records.

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