A Non-player Character played by XxBeewhiskerxX

Elder of WindClan
A Female cat who identifies Female.
By Unknown Sire out of Unknown Dam.
Dead at the age of 68 Moons (5.2 Years)
Short Description:

A longhaired chocolate and cream tortie with white and aqua eyes

Long Description:

Tawnyflight’s long legs make her a rather tall and lanky feline along with her long chocolate coloured fur and cream tortoiseshell dapples. She has an odd tuft of white fur on her chest that resembles a heart with a star missing from it. The bottom of her paws are white as well as her muzzle and the tufts of fur on the inner part of her ears. Her eyes are a bright aquamarine that ties her dapple fur together, the brightness of her eyes contrasting with her fur.


Tawnyflight, an unkind, mean spirited she-cat, her heart has never really been one of warmth and nurture, though her kit Beewhisker seemed to be somewhat of an exception to this, only having the heart and motivation to care for her power within the clan. But that power never came to her, which made her somewhat vengeful towards the cats who attempt to comfort her believing that they are not truly her allies if they are not outraged by her lack of power. But after her kit Beewhisker was born, she was filled with a determination to realize her dreams though her kit.

In spite of her snappy and hellish personality, she still completed her warrior duties until she retired early to the elder’s den, mostly due to her burning ambition being extinguished.

But now that she died before Beewhisker had become leader, she now watches over Beewhisker with a disappointment that could not be interpreted into words.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of First Green (2015) 067
  • Made an Apprentice as Tawnypaw in WindClan during the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2015) 073
  • Named a Warrior as Tawnyflight in WindClan during the Moon of Melting Waters (2016) 079
  • Became an Elder as Tawnyflight in WindClan during the Moon of Running Prey (2019) 122
  • Died in the Moon of Running Prey (2020) 135
Full History:

Ever since Tawnyflight was a kit, she was always a brash and horridly behaving kit, often teasing the her brother whenever the chance arose. Her mother had died during her birth and her father was distant, so it left herself and Cedarprowl together to fend for one another. And as she grew, the cruelness did not ebb away from her heart, in fact, she wanted nothing more than to cause harm to all that crossed her path, and the only true way to do that with little punishment was to become the clan leader…

As an apprentice, she encouraged her brother to assist her in her path to leadership, though hesitant, her brother agreed, once a moon, they would sneak out of camp with her to improve her battle skills and her hunting skills, the both of them were very strong and skilled by the time they had become warriors, and no cat seemed any the wiser that the two had snuck out the camp during the night.

As the moons passed, Tawnyflight’s attempts to become deputy had all fallen flat, which only turned her heart more cold and the angry fire in her belly more fierce. So another idea struck her, as she was becoming slowly older by the moon, she needed to have an heir or heiress and she knew she would need to see them become a leader.

And thus, Beewhisker was born, the perfect heir to her destiny and a cat she could mold into a better, more powerful version of herself.

Though by the time Beewhisker had become a warrior and Tawnyflight having an early retirement as an elder due to frequent migraines, she had a spat with the leader about them not being able to get an apprentice so early on and sulked in the elders den for a moon. Only coming out when she caught wind of her brother having his hind leg twisted beyond repair, but there was no sympathy in her gaze, only distain and a hint of disappointment. But there was a small piece of admiration when her brother had regaled it had been a battle related incident at least he wasn’t weak

As her brother’s healed, Beewhisker had been helping with his care of him more often than doing their warrior duties, which angered Tawnyflight. She shouted at Beewhisker the spat did not last long however and Tawnyflight left the den huffing with fury.

Barely five moons passed after that night, Tawnyflight had decided to take her brother on a walk around the territory, however this journey would be their last as a fox was quick to track the two down, ripping at their pelts until they were no more than blood scraps of fur. The last Tawnyflight saw of her brother was his desperate look in his eyes and him mouthing the words ‘sorry’ before leaping half-hazardly into the fox’s jaws.

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Sire: Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Dam: Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Beewhisker (A plump, long haired tortie and white she-cat with pale blue eyes)
Other Family:

___ SIBLING/S ___
– Cedarprowl

– Claycinder (half)


Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Tawnyflight Unknown Sire ()
Unknown Dam ()
Significant Cats

Mated with: Blacknose

Notes & Additional Details
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Tawnyflight is a Female Cat with a Dilute Tortie Non-color restricted Bicolor pelt of Long Normal textured hair. They are of Medium Size and Common build. Their eyes are Aqua and ears are Normal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Long legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

4 thoughts on “Tawnyflight”

  1. Almost there~

    “Tawnyflight’s long legs make her a rather tall and lanky feline along with her long chocolate coloured fur and cinnamon tortoiseshell.” – She either is a chocolate and cream tortie or a cinnamon and cream tortie. I’ll leave a dilution tortie genetics link here. https://sparrows-garden.com/genetics/dilution.html

    “In spite of her snappy and hellish personality, she still completed her warrior duties until she retired early to the elder’s den, mostly due to her burning ambition being extinguished.” – I’m not sure this is a good enough reason for retirement, as it reads more like ‘she retired just cause she didn’t wanna warrior anymore’. I would like to see the exact age she retired and why; either a physical ailment (injury, sickness, etc) or a mental reason (episodes, frequent headaches, seizures, etc) that would force her into the elder’s den.

  2. Appearance:
    “Tawnyflight’s long legs make her a tall beauty… that ties her beautiful dapple fur together… ” – both cases of powerplay of describing how others would see your character.

    “Tawnyflight, a corrupt and unkind soul, had always been cruel as far as the cats of WindClan know.” – Powerplay. Also a high chance that eventually her mean-spirited nature would catch onto the rest of the clan. (See bottom note)
    “Her heart had never really been as warm as any cat would have ever wished” – Powerplay.
    “But now that she died before her kit became something ‘worth caring about’ she is filled with hatred, wandering the dark forest, often complaining about dirty paws.” – We do not have any ties to the Dark Forest here on CoSC. All cats go to Starclan regardless of how noble or corrupt they were in life.

    “…often teasing the other kits whenever the chance arose.” – Unsure if any other unrelated kits would have been in the nursery with her, but her brother would have, so you can specify her brother.
    “…and no cat seemed any the wiser that the two had snuck out the camp during the night.” – Depending on how often they snuck out, the higher the chance it would be for them to be caught.

    Overall, it’s a good start, although I doubt that any truly evil cat could survive within the clans without eventually being scrutinized, either for malicious compliance, or at the most insanity for being so mean-spirited. As long as Tawnyflight was able to do her duties and not be distracted by her ambitions enough to put others at a noticeable detriment. Perhaps this is why she was forced into early retirement because of these tendencies.

    Thank you! 🙂

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