A Player Character played by Kazul_3383

Medicine Cat of ThunderClan
A Female cat.
By Pending Sire out of Cottonlily.
Living at the age of 23 Moons (1.8 Years)
Short Description:

Petite brown striped she-cat with cream underside and green eyes.

Long Description:

Tigerrush is a mackerel tabby she-cat, so her body is decorated in stripes and bands. Her coloring is a rich dark brown overall with a cream color along her underside. On the bottom of her paws are black slippers and she has a white chin and faint white locket that blends into her cream chest. Her fur is fluffy but short and soft and her frame is small in size, though she is built solid enough. Her face holds a black lined, dark pink nose and a pair of green eyes, whose expression most commonly holds a kind but curious sparkle.


Tigerrush is a busy body who tries to keep herself active as much as she can. Confident in herself, she has no issues running her own errands as she enjoys the time to stretch her legs and get fresh air. While she isn’t afraid to get dirty with her chores, she can be a little fastidious in both her appearance and the appearance of her den afterwards. Tigerrush loves her clanmates and enjoys their company, trying regularly check up and see how they’re doing while trying not to be too overbearing. When a clanmate comes to her with an issue, she becomes as focused and attentive as she can to help solve their issue.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of First White (2018)
  • The Leader named them Rushkit in ThunderClan during the Moon of First White (2018)
  • Apprenticed to the Medicine Cat as Rushpaw in ThunderClan during the Moon of First Fishing (2019)
  • Became Medicine Cat as Tigerrush in ThunderClan during the Moon of Tiger's Wraith (2019)
Full History:

In the Moon of First White (2018), a queen named Cottonlily gave birth to three kittens- two toms and a she-kit named Rushkit. One of her brothers didn’t survive the night and from the start, despite being the runt of the litter, Rushkit had both the energy and the determination to keep up with her surviving brother. However, in the Moon of Tiger’s Wrath (2019), when Rushkit was in her second moon, she came down with kitcough. Because she was the runt, it was leaf-bare, and she was showing signs of it possibly getting worse, Rushkit was taken to the medicine cat’s den to prevent her from spreading the cough. Despite being sick, Rushkit proved to be very curious and asked many questions of the treatment she was given and Brightflower, the medicine cat, was pleased to see a kit showing such curiosity as the medicine cat had been hoping for a potential apprentice from the recent litters in the nursery. Under the diligent eyes of Brighflower and Cottonlily and following what she was told, Rushkit recovered and continued to grow. When she and her brother reached their sixth moon, both were apprenticed- her brother as a warrior apprentice and Rushpaw as the medicine cat apprentice. When introduced at the moonstone, Rushpaw managed to endear herself to some of her ancestors with her boundless energy and enthusiasm to start her training and was granted their approval. An apt pupil who had surprising focus, she wasn’t afraid to ask questions and eagerly took in the knowledge shared with her, much to Brightflower’s delight. The true test for Rushpaw came during leaf-bare when curing the Moon of First White (2019), blackcough broke out in the clan. It started with an elder coming down with a hacking cough but soon started to spread. Rushpaw helped Brightflower as they soon had two warriors and two elders in the den with varying coughs and troubles breathing. And then surprisingly, Brightflower fell to the illness as well. Brightflower helped Rushpaw the best she could until her situation became too critical. Rushpaw cared for her clanmates to the best to her abilities over the next few moons. Amazingly, even though her mentor caught it and eventually succumbed to it to join Starclan, Rushpaw was lucky. After fighting the illness and mourning those lost, Thunderclan’s blackcough outbreak was considered over at the end of the Moon of Long Nights (2019) and in the Moon of Tiger’s Wrath, Rushpaw made her way to the moonstone for the final approval of Starclan. Upon receiving it and returning to camp, the leader gave her the full medicine cat name of Tigerrush- for her courage, strength, and energy.

Sire: Pending Sire (Sire will be created after approval)
Dam: Cottonlily (A solidly built black and white tuxedo she-cat with hazel eyes)
Full Siblings:
Wrentalon (A muscular brown tabby tom with hazel eyes and a scarred shoulder)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Tigerrush Pending Sire Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Cottonlily ()
Significant Cats
Pending Mentor (For characters awaiting mentor creation.)
Notes & Additional Details
Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
Bans Data: Tigerrush has been compiled into the bans records.
Tigerrush is a Female Cat with a Black Non-color restricted pelt of Short Normal textured hair. They are of Small Size and Common build. Their eyes are Green and ears are Normal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Normal legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for submitting a character! Everything sounds fantastic and I love how detailed this little cats history is 🙂 the only think I really changed was her status from “Medicine Cat” to “Warrior” simply until you fill out the application for ThunderClan’s medicine cat (this is a formality, but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work out). I have approved your character, and if you’d like to get the application for Medicine Cat filled out using her, we can go from there!


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