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Ask A Time to Hunt and Play

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Boulderdash had invited Shadesleek out for some hunting and just time away from the camp. The dawn patrol and had already been out and they weren't on the sun high patrol, so the brown tabby and white she-cat offered to hunt with her sister. As the two young she-cats had left camp, Boulderdash had been lazily hunting, as if she were just playing and her head was in the clouds. Even so, she had already managed to catch a distracted mouse and a fat young rabbit, which she had buried so she could fetch it on their return trip to camp.

Boulderdash's blue and green eyes glanced around, taking in the scenery, thoughtful. Maybe on the way back, she might be able to hunt down a bird fledgling to take to the kits to play and practice with. They were getting close to becoming apprentices. That was good! She and Shadesleek still had to do a lot of the apprentice's duties because they were the youngest warriors but it also made her worry a little. There were only two apprentices and none of the other she-cats in the clan seemed to be expecting kits anytime soon so where would that leave things in the clan once the kits were apprenticed? 

She noticed the scent of a mouse and, after a moment of stalking, pounced. She felt the ground under her paws and knew she had missed. Even knowing this, she shifted a paw to peer under it. "Hey Shadesleek? Were you wanting to be a mentor to one of the kits? Do you hope Badgerstar might ask you?"



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Boulderdash and Sleekshade
Whoever else wanting to join should ask


Time for some hunting and chattering mid-morning


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Shadesleek, to her slight disappointment, hadn't caught as many things as Boulderdash--not yet anyway--but she hadcaught a hare. Had her ambush been less successful, she might've lost it... but it hadn't, so she didn't.
The black warrior was very pleased with the catch. She'd had to remind herself to keep her tail down when she had carried it away to stash it for later, but she had every right to be excited, hadn't she? It was the first hare she'd caught completely by herself and it was almost as big as she was!
Shadesleek was glad for this break now, but she was still thinking of how fast the hare'd run when Boulderdash asked a question.
'Do you hope Badgerstar might ask you?'
"Huh? Ask me?" Ask her what? Shadesleek's mouth had gone before her brain caught up and she processed the full question: did she want to mentor one of the kits?
"Oh! Uh...?" Her amber eyes trailed off in the direction of Highstones. Did she want to be a mentor?
"Eh... I dunno," she answered at last. "Probably not." She considered it a heartbeat more. "Yeah, nah, no way. It sounds like too much work." Teaching a kit to clean a den was one thing, but teaching everything about how to be a warrior? She shuddered at the thought. Shadesleek didn't want all that responsibility.
"Like too much for right now, I mean," she meowed cooly, trying to cover up the laziness and lack of interest. "And isn't it too soon? We haven't even been warriors for that long."
You trip over you own paws, Shadesleek thought at her sister. Nightrain didn't even run from that Twoleg before! StarClan help whoever we'd get.
A snicker escaped the she-cat after that. "I can't imagine any of us as mentors."

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"I wouldn't mind being asked." Boulderdash drawled after her sister answered her question. "But I think your right. We did just become warriors ourselves and I can't quite see us being chosen." She sat up before itching at her ear and chin with a hindfoot then cleaned the shed fur from under her claws. "Kits have so much energy at that age, especially when they get excited about their apprenticeship."

To be fair, she had been excited when she had been made an apprentice, but she didn't seem to have the energetic excitement like, say, Shadesleek and Nightrain had had. She always tagged along and she always was able to keep up, but she was so laid back and happy to just be a part of things that some of that kit energy just seemed exhausting to her now.

"Besides, I think Pinestep or Cloudflare are a step or two ahead of us in the mentor department. I say let them enjoy it this time around.

She looked around a moment, her eyes distant and she let her mind float a little before a thought circled back around and slipped out before she could stop it. "Think the kits would like it if we brought them back a fledgling to practice with?"