Kitten Handling Instructions

Kitten Handling, the decisions that get made about who will play new kitten characters, is a simple process.

In cases where the game staff has arranged the litter, that litter’s kittens will be handled by the game staff.
In cases where players arranged the litter that litter’s kittens will be handled by the parental players.

Litter Approval

The litter must first be approved by game staff before kittens are decided. Once the litter application has been updated with the results of the approved litter kitten handling can begin.

Finding Players

Players can be found either by choice of the players involved without an application, or by posting an application and taking proposals on the family finder in the forum. Staff run litters will always be handled by application.

Once Players Are Found

Once players have been assigned to the kittens those players are responsible for getting the character sheets submitted for approval in a timely manner. Once all kittens are created and the game is in the correct moon in character, the kittens may begin to appear on camera.