Animal Omens

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Animals have specific meanings when it comes to what they mean within an Omen. Each has a set of words that the omen boils down to, and a little rhyme that the cats memorize to remember those associations.

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Species Words Rhyme
Adder Poison, Stealth, Patience

The adder is stealth who waits patiently with poisoned teeth to threaten health.


Species Words Rhyme
Badger Might, Tenacity

The badger is a fright with its tenacious might.

Bat Challenge, Dusk, Tumult

The bat does not hunt in broad daylight, it enjoys the challenge of the night.

Bear Power, Looming Threat

The bear is a looming threat with great power one should not forget.

Blackbird Opportunity, Warning

To take warning from the blackbird would be an opportunity you can not shirk.

Blue Jay Ruckus, Strength in Numbers

A lone Blue Jay can stir up harm, but a large group is cause for alarm.


Species Words Rhyme
Canary Cheerful, Bright

The canary so cheerful sings to the skies, with yellow wings so bright in the noon day light.

Capped Sparrow Energy, Crown

The capped sparrow can be found with great energy and a distinctive crown.

Cardinal Red, Sunrise, Sunset

The red cardinal, as you would expect, flies at sunrise and sunset.

Chickadee Small, Fluttering, Chattering

The fluttering, chattering chickadee is quite small as you can see.

Chipmunk Rich Prey, Action

With speed and quick action, you hunt the chipmunk, Signaling rich prey to come and match its spunk.

Coyote Brazen, Hunter, Corpse Finder

While he hunts cats to be fed, the brazen coyote digs up the buried dead.

Crane Pair, Defense

A pair of cranes are territorial, hence they always have the best defense.

Crow Warning, Crowfood, Clever Tricks

A warning of the crows clever tricks, and Crowfood in the fresh-kill mix.


Species Words Rhyme
Divingbird Fishing, Chance

When a divingbird is in its fishing stance, a succesful catch is a matter of chance.

Dove Open Land, Prosperity

The dove lives in open land without many trees and flourishing prosperity.

Duck Variety, Versatile

The duck has much versatality and comes in much variety.


Species Words Rhyme
Eagle Graceful, Ambush, Soaring

Graceful Eagle you see soaring; Beware ambush and bloody scoring.


Species Words Rhyme
Falcon Traitor, Far-sighted, Border Defense

The farsighted falcon is a traitor, betraying the same borders it defends as sole dictator.

Finch Mark, Bright

Mark the Finch, little and bright, easy to sight.

Fisher Killer (of Cats), Mutilation

A cat should fear this killer, the fisher; a mutilator and blood spiller

Flying Squirrel Surprise, Bizarre

The most bizarre thing ever to be seen; Flying Squirrel surprises by gliding over the scene.

Fox Cunning, Foresight, Confused

Cunning fox with much foresight; Confused between cat-like wit and dog-like might


Species Words Rhyme
Goose Camp, Fair Weather, Bad Tempered

Bad tempered goose has come to set up camp; Comes only in fair weather to settle in the swamp.

Gray Jay Camouflage, Dull

The camouflaged Gray Jays, not often seen, dull feathers they do preen.

Grouse Delicious, Forest

Delicious grouse hidden amongst the trees; Thrumming wings through the forest tease.

Gull Carrionplace, Noise

Gull who flies over Carrionplace; Making noise that fills the open space.


Species Words Rhyme
Hare Kick, Seasonal Change

Kicking Hare changes pelt when seasonal change comes to the home range.

Hawk Flying Thief, Taker (of Kits)

Hawk, this Flying Thief, is the Taker of Kits, to many Queens’ grief

Heron Tall, Marsh-stalker

Many do fall to the Marsh-Stalker, the Heron tall

Hummingbird Tiny, Quick, Flash

Tiny hummingbird’s dash is quick as a flash.



Species Words Rhyme
Jumping Mouse Jump, Startle, Timid

Jumping Mouse is a timid creature; who startles so to ensure its future.


Species Words Rhyme
Kestrel Green-leaf, Fresh-kill Pile, Nobility

Noble Kestrel of Green-Leaf skies, Into a Fresh-Kill Pile tucks its prize.


Species Words Rhyme
Lark Song, Marked

A black chest mark rises and falls as flying Lark, its song it calls.

Little Stork Dig, Silt, Leggy

Into silt Little Stork digs, tilting on legs thin as twigs.

Lynx Giant, Rogue, Stealer (of Prey)

A Giant Rogue and a Stealer of Prey; With deadly claws will Lynx enter the fray


Species Words Rhyme
Marshbird Mother, Sacrifice, Protector (of Young)

Mother Marshbird would sacrifice all; Protecting the lives of her offspring small.

Marten Resourceful, Dig (for Prey), Agile

Marten resourceful, Marten agile; digs for prey using crafty guile

Mole Dig (for Protection), Fat, Underground

Digging, hiding, underground; There fat, dark Mole can be found

Mouse Brown, Constant, Medicine

Little pelt brown of little Mouse round; Constantly as medicine for cats abound

Muskrat Swim, Tail-dragger, Musk

Swimmer and Tail-dragger Muskrat; His musk is smelt by every cat



Species Words Rhyme
Otter River, Drown, Stealer (of Fish)

‘Ware the River when Otter’s near, drowning cats and stealing fish so dear

Owl Silent, Ambush, Night

Owl is master of ambush and flight, surrounded by whispers in the darkness of night.


Species Words Rhyme
Pigeon Parents (Good), Rich Times, Long Lasting

A Pigeon nest long will last; with these good parents, rich times follow fast.



Species Words Rhyme
Rabbit Care(ful), Hindsight, Run

Using hindsight, Running Rabbit takes much care.

Raccoon Mask, Contradiction, Food Washing

Raccoon, who wears a black mask, lives a contradiction; to wash its food is its task, but cleanness of its meals is a fiction.

Rat Horde, Sentry, Disease

Cat Clans post loyal sentries; so too Rat Hordes do. But many cats death can seize; Rat-bites susceptible to disease.

Raven Clever, Shadow, Harass

Clever Raven, dark as night,in groups mobs will shadow, harass, and fight.

Robin Bleeding (Chest), New-leaf (Begins), and Accepting (of Differences)

Robin of the bleeding chest, not exempting but accepting, New-Leaf comes with this bird of zest


Species Words Rhyme
Sandbird Mud Digger, Round, Conceal(ed)

Marshy ground conceals Sandbird round; rarely are these Mud-diggers found.