Advanced Hunting Tactics

The knowledge of the best ways in which to approach prey is an important matter. The final level of tactics must be taught following the completion of Intermediate Hunting Tactics. Only the most talented of hunters will truly master these difficult hunting techniques.

Flying Prey

Already Taught

  • General Birds – Hunting birds in general are a fundamental hunting skill and must be mastered at beginning level.
  • Tiny Birds – Tiny bird hunting is a fundamental skill that must be mastered at beginning level.
  • Songbirds – Songbird hunting is a fundamental skill that must be mastered at the beginning level. 
  • Small Raptors – Small raptors are not dangerous, and the hunting of them should be mastered at the beginning level.
  • Group Birds – Group hunted birds is a basic skill that should be mastered at the intermediate level.
  • Waterfowl – (Specialty) Waterfowl hunting should be mastered [when required] before the advanced level of hunting training is started.
  • Bats – (Specialty) Bat hunting is not required in any clan, but if taught should be taught at the intermediate level.

Large Raptors

  • Specialty Tactic – Frequently taught in WindClan, Sometimes taught in RiverClan and ShadowClan, Rarely taught in ThunderClan

Large raptors such as hawks and falcons are an extreme challenge to tackle, and require either ambushing the bird on the ground after it has caught prey of its own or managing to turn an attack by the hawk or falcon on oneself into an attack on the bird. They are very dangerous prey, but taking one down means that there is one less hawk or falcon stalking the young of the clan, making the undertaking valuable in two ways.

Animals Hunted With This Tactic:

Running Furred Prey

Already Taught

  • Ground Rodents – Chipmunks and moles are a staple food of all the clans
  • Land Rodents – Mice, shrews, and voles are a stable food for all the clans.
  • Tree Rodents – Squirrels are a stable food of all the clans.
  • Waterside Rodents – Water Voles and Water Shrews are common prey amongst any clan with water flowing through it.
  • Chase – (Speciality) Rabbits and Hares are worth chasing in some territories.


  • Specialty Tactic – Mandatory in ShadowClan, Frequently Taught in ThunderClan, Sometimes taught in RiverClan and WindClan.

Rats are tenacious fighters for their size and to be approached with caution while hunting as they possess teeth that carry diseases with their bites. Care must be taken to avoid being badly bitten and ending up with a deep infection in the puncture wounds they leave behind.

Animals Hunted With This Tactic: Brown Rat

Furless Land Prey

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Furless Marsh Prey

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Water Prey

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