On the Subject of the Secrets of the Clans



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To address the specific nature of the question given I will address each section individually listing pages and the bolded headings that addresses the section in the table of contents.

  • Thunder, Wind, River, Shadow, and Star: The Clans Pages 1 thru 72
    • History of the Clans (Pgs 3-6) is not considered canon. Our creation legend is Birth of the Modern Clans.
    • The Warrior Code (Pgs 7-8) is not considered canon (and is little more than a list of tenents, not an actual code. No game should be representing it as a complete code.). The CoSC Warriors Code is a full form poem inspired by our studies of the original series and various logical extrapolations preformed based on the society given.
    • Individual Clan “Tours” (Pgs 9-78) CoSC has let the characters created define our clans, rather than the stereotypes of the books. Please consult our pages on each clan to understand them. See ThunderClanRiverClanWindClan, and ShadowClan.
  • Territories: Homes and Hunting Grounds – Pages 79 thru 88
    • CoSC uses the original forest map, but it should be noted that we have A map that has been heavily customized, and that are borders are non-standard for the fandom.
  • Beyond the Territories – Pages 89 thru 102
    • Fourtrees (Pg 89) CoSC follows the traditions of gatherings.
    • Bluepaw Speaks: My first sight of Fourtrees (Pgs 90-91) It should be noted that Mentors at CoSC do not have the power to just bring their apprentices. Leaders decide who attends a gathering.
    • Highstones (Pg 92) It should be noted that CoSC Medicine Cats gather only on the Waxing Half-moon. They do not gather together on the second, waning, half-moon of every moon.
    • How the Moonstone was Discovered (Pgs 93-96) CoSC does not aknowelege the legend given in SotC for the purposes of our game. We instead use our own custom legend, Four Clans and Four Trees.
    • The Moonpool (Pgs 97-98) CoSC has not currently opened the new territory from the later books for RP.
    • The Island (Pgs 99-100) CoSC has not currently opened the new territory from the later books for RP.
    • Sun-drown-place (Pg 101-102) Currently CoSC only permits RP in the clan territories and the Twoleg place that lies to the East of the Clan territories (right edge of the map). Sun-drown-place lies to the west (right), and is thus outside our current RP regions.
  • Ceremonies – Pages 103 thru 122
    • Leaders (Pgs 103-104) The ceremony to become a leader is used by CoSC.
    • Firestar’s Nine Lives (Pgs 105-106) While a good example, it should be noted that Firestar is not a part of the CoSC Canon.
  • Deputies (Pg 107) The information provided on deputies is accurate for CoSC.
    • Apprentices (Pg 108) While the given information is primarily accurate to CoSC, it should be noted that CoSC does permit a full change of name going into apprenticeship. Kittens are named before they develop personalities and at times the name given as a kitten no longer accurately reflects the cat in question.
    • Birchpaw Speaks: A New Apprentice (Pg 109) Possess no information that applies to a game that does not consider the happenings of the books to be canon.
    • Warriors (Pg 110) While primarily correct it is not entirely uncommon for the name to evolve beyond being a direct ‘replace the word paw’ sort of thing.
    • Brackenfur Speaks: A New Warrior (Pgs 111-112) Does not provide information that expands the universe, only a character that does not exist in the CoSC canon.
    • Fighting Techniques (Pgs 113-114) CoSC has constructed a more detailed and expansive version of this, which discards certain moves that it supports that open a cat to attack (‘Leap-and-hold’, ‘Teeth Grip’) that can be found HERE. It should also be noted that fighting is not considered necessary for a Medicine Cat, and in the case of combat they are expected to remove themselves from danger rather than risking their lives and potentially removing the clan’s only trained healer.
    • Elders (Pg 115) Information provided is correct and applicable to this game.
    • Goldenflower Speaks: A New Role to Play (Pg 116) Provides mostly accurate information but does make an absolute statement (“all the cats treat elders with respect”) that will not force all to respect elders unless they feel that is within their character’s nature.
    • Cloudtail Speaks: Tempted by the Kittypet Life (Pgs 117-119) Provides no information of note for this game. It should be noted that being foolish enough to be captured by a twoleg is not something that many characters at this game would consider a heroic adventure.
    • Crowfeather Speaks: A Forbidden Love (Pgs 120-122) “Love” in the CoSC isn’t exactly a requirement for mating. In fact, romantic love is not exactly the norm. Romance plays second fiddle to the responsibilities and intensities of the harsh and deadly world of the Warrior Cats. It should also be noted that no leader in CoSC would keep a cat with a known inter-clan affair in their clan. It amounts to high treason. Cats, including a deputy (Leopardtrack), have been exiled for this. Cats who have affairs either go to their graves keeping the secret or find themselves without a clan here.
  • Prophecies and Omens – Pages 123 thru 129
    • Rather than discuss a number of sections that only work in the contest of the book-world, I’ve decided to just state that Omen and Prophecy work in a similar way, but must be cleared directly by the game administration here.
  • Medicine: Healing the Clans – Pages 130 thru 136
    • Medicine Cats (Pgs 130-131) The information given is primarily accurate, but as Medicine Cats are made through training, not magic or birth, there is not necessarily a sign beforehand that makes a kitten a Medicine Cat or even a magically ordained candidate for becoming one prior to the choice to make that kitten into an Apprentice to the Medicine Cat.
    • Leafpool Speaks: Not Just About Herbs (Pgs 132-133) It should be noted that CoSC does not use the ceremonies introduced in the New Prophecy (We invented ours prior to the release of those books). A leader names a kitten apprentice to the Medicine Cat, who takes that new apprentice to the next Medicine Cat’s Meeting, where StarClan either approves or refuses the Apprentice. The Apprenticeship becomes official when StarClan accepts them, otherwise another apprentice must be found for the Medicine Cat. When the Current Medicine Cat deems their apprentice ready, they can then go to be approved once again by StarClan. If StarClan accepts that cat as a Full MC at a Medicine Cat’s Meeting they then return to camp and are given an adult name by the leader of their clan.
    • Important Medicines and their uses (Pgs 134-136) Please do not rely on this incomplete guide for your Medicine Catting needs on this game. Consult our HerbalComplaint Guide and Symptoms Reference instead of the sparse information provided by SotC.
  • Cats Outside the Clans – Pages 137 thru 154
    • BloodClan (Pg 137) BloodClan is not a part of the CoSC Canon.
    • Barley Speaks: Flight from BloodClan (Pgs 138-145) BloodClan is not a part of the CoSC Canon.
    • The Tribe of Rushing Water (Pg 146) Tribe of Rushing Water (ToRW) is not a part of the CoSC Canon.
    • Stoneteller Speaks: The Coming of the Silver Cat (Pg 147-148) ToRW is not a part of the CoSC Canon.
    • Rogues and Loners (Pgs 149-150) These terms are not considered ranks here, but rather clan terminology (See PSA #19). The aggressive are Rogues and the rest are loners (unless they live with people).
    • Daisy Speaks: My Only Hope (Pgs 151-152) It should be noted that a cat like Daisy would not be accepted as a longterm resident of a Clan. As soon as she refused to do more than take up nursery space (“Helping out” there is not considered contributing to the clan). They might house her ‘til the kits are weaned if she agreed to leave once they were no longer dependent on her and she would leave them there to become true warriors of the clan.
    • Kittypets (Pgs 153-154) Generalities about kittypets (here called ‘domestics’) do not stand here. Simply living with a human does not necessarily make the cat a timid, quiet wimp.
  • Other Animals – Pages 155 thru 158
    • Foxes (Pg 155) The given information is not accurate to CoSC. Please consult our Predator Guide Entry on the Fox species.
    • Badgers (Pg 155) CoSC’s forest is not in England, and thus the given information is about the smaller European Badger. See our American Badger predator guide entry. It should also be noted that Midnight the Badger is not a part of the CoSC Canon.
    • Dogs (Pg 156) CoSC dogs are not as stupid as those portrayed in the books. Please await an entry in the Predators Guide.
    • Birds of Prey (Pg 157) Birds of prey vary much more in size that is acknowledged in the SotC description. Please consult the following Predator Guide Entires – EagleFalconHawk & Owl.
    • Horses/Sheep/Cows (Pg 157) The information provided is accurate.
    • Rats (Pg 158) Please consult the Prey Guide Entry rather than the book (the entry will arrive soon).
    • Twolegs (Pg 158) The information provided is accurate.
  • Mythology – Pages 159 thru 165
  • Glossary – Pages 166 thru 168
    • While the glossary provided for what SotC calls “Catspeak” and CoSC considers “Feline” is complete and accurate, we have a Version avalible here that is also supplemented by our Vernacular Page.