On the Subject of Adopting and Adoption of Characters

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Where do I find Characters Available for Adoption?

You will find the characters for adoption in the Adoptions Department along with a number of rules, instructions, and explanations.

When will the ability for players to offer characters become available?

At the moment, Kitsufox has no immediate plans to re-implement this with any haste, and in accordance, no timeline for the restoration of this program is available. If you have a legitimate reason to which to drop a couple of characters (IE: Not enough time to adequately play the number of characters you have due to real life obligations) just drop a line to Kitsu and she will do her best to facilitate whatever needs doing.

How do characters end up confiscated?

Characters end up confiscated for two reasons:

  1. The player has gone AWOL for at least a month, and the character has gone idle for lack of a player.
  2. The player has violated some rule that was severe enough to warrant ejection from this game.

Who decides who gets a character up for adoption?

It depends on the adoption itself. I’ve compiled a list.

  • General Adoptions – Admin Team
  • Confiscations – Admin Team
  • NPC Family – Player of Related PC
  • IC Litters – Parental Players