On the Subject of Consent and Needed Permissions

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What is Consent?

Consent is to give assent or approval. It’s what you get when you ask someone if you can include an action of their character in role play or a character sheet.

The Character Rules contain an entry on Consent.

What about this ICA=ICC stuff?

ICA=ICC (In character actions equal in character consequences) is balanced against consent with the idea that even in situations without express consent an administrator or moderator can rule that, by taking a specific action, the player clearly gave consent to the consequences.

If you feel that you need a call on an ICA=ICC Consent issue contact the moderator of the clan in question. If the incident transcends clan then contact one of the Admins.

Should you feel a moderator has made a poor call, you may appeal to the Administration.

The General Rules contains and entry on ICA=ICC.

Why do we have to do this Consent and ICA=ICC stuff?

We do it becuase it makes everything fair. People actually get to control their own characters without risking something they didn’t know their character did popping up at random. The ICA=ICC stuff is in place to prevent abuses of the consent system, characters who do things that deserve punishments shouldn’t be able to get away unpunished.

What IC Activities do I need Permission for?

    • Hunting: Permission is required only if the prey being faced requires permission to appear IC, per the Prey Species Guide.
    • Border: Permission is required only if there is no Senior Warrior involved to lead the patrol, or the patrol is of a non-standard type (IE: checking out a specific disturbance). Non-standard patrols need only the permission of the Area Moderator.
    • All Encounters: Permission is always required for IC appearance per the definitions in the Predator Species Guide.
    • Near Camp: Any encounter near camp, even of a non-approval required species, must have approval of the Area Moderator.
    • All Illnesses & Injuries: Permission is required only if the result of the illness will be retirement from Warrior Duties or death. Death or Retirement situations need only be cleared by the Area Moderator.
    • Potential Epidemics: Must be cleared by the Area Moderator & a Game Administrator. This means any time a second cat dies of a given illness within the span of 4 weeks.

What permissions do I need to set up a plot?

Plot setup is an important part of this game, but depending on the plot you may or may not need permission. Consult the following list to know what’s what.

  • Tiny Plot – No permission needed unless that permission is required for another reason (IE: Special prey, Multiple sire litter, ect)
  • Plot – Permission of involved players and permission of the moderators of any affected groups.
  • Group Plot – Permission of all directly affected characters (IE: the “main characters” of the plot) and the permission of the moderator of the group the plot effects.
  • Intergroup Plot – Permission of all directly affected characters (IE: the “main characters” of the plot) and the permission of the moderators of the groups that plot effects, plus clearance from an administrator.
  • World Plot – Consensus and planning by the staff are required. If you wish to propose a world plot write a pitch and private message it to Kitsufox for consideration.

The CoSC Staff understands that sometimes things turn into plots that one didn’t mean to be plots. Breaking the permission rules here is permissible within reason, but you are expected to respect any requests from staff that might require a storyline to be halted due to far-reaching ramifications that you did not see.

Why do I need permission to have a StarClan Cat appear? I’m listed as player of my cat’s parents!

You need permission for them to appear because you are not actually their player, just their creator. All thoughts, reactions, approvals, disapprovals and appearance must be approved by administration. Any post made containing a StarClan, or dead cat of any other group, must be pre-approved verbatim by a member of the Administration, and should only be planned and prepared if you already have permission to control the appearance yourself from that same administration.

This control of all dead cats occurs because dead cats are privy to things that are not generally known, and would know things, and be able to imply those things, that only the administration of the game (and frequently the staff) have the knowledge to be able to react in accordance to. So that sensitive plot information does not have to be prematurely leaked, destroying surprises and twists, this rule is in place.