On the Subject of MC’S, Visions & Prophecies

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Why is there an entire section of the general rules devoted to telling us we can’t have our cats experience a prophecy if we want to?

This rule was put into place because any act of StarClan that does not serve the main plot, must reflect it. If, let’s say, StarClan is at war with one another and have been in a period of no contact with even the Medicine Cats, would one be able to come down and visit your standard warrior?

Each moment when StarClan visits the forest is a moment that the Administrators, who are the technical players of the gods in the IC World, must be fully aware of. They must be able to control and bend any visitation in the world to main plot. As the main plot always takes precedent over smaller personal plots, things need to be cleared with administrators so that they can be considered during design and execution phases of plots.

There is also the fact that they are (in accordance with the books) supposed to observe rather than interfere with the earthly world. While Medicine Cats and Leaders have close contact regularly with StarClan, normal warriors are, frankly, normal. It is not normal to see dead people cats.

Whom do I talk to about getting a vision/prophecy/visitation approved?

Drop a PM to Kitsufox. She’ll take it into any other Administrators and/or Staff Members who are required and they will discuss the matter and deliver a decision and set up any required RP or Storywriting with you as quickly as possible. Be ready to provide answers to any additional questions the staff might have concerning your idea.

The MC’s talk about visions each moon, but I never see them posted anywhere.

That is because the visions are delivered to the MC’s privately in the Staff Forum.

Eventually, visions relating to past plots will be released to the public for viewing, but the staff is generally cautious if they think elements of the past visions may show up in later plots. Due to this no visions have seen full public release at this time.

How do I become a Medicine Cat?

If all Medicine Cat Positions for the Clans are filled, you must either become the Medicine Cat’s Apprentice with a young character and grow up.

Sometimes Medicine Cat Characters are made adoptable. If one is available, you may apply if you have at least a month of role play history with the game, including consistent presences with your characters in threads.

Information on available ranked characters can be found in the Applications Department, along with access to the forms you’ll need to fill out. Please bear in mind that decisions are made based on a combination of IC and OOC factors, and the application decision making process by the staff can be long.

I want to get my character sick. How do I get started?

The first step is to look in the Complaint Guide, select an illness and how severe an infection you wish to have your character have. The guide provides all sorts of information including how long you’ll be expected to be sick and how long it will take to fully recover.

From there it’s just down to getting any permissions you need.

I want my character to get sick. Whom do I talk to?

This varies depending on the required permission for your illness. None but the most critical illnesses and injuries require permission from the staff. Generally speaking you need only arrange a thread with the MC player.

For more details on situations that require permission, consult the Consent & Permissions FAQ.

The MC gave my character herbs; I should be able to be sick less than 3 days!


I don’t care if you’re talking herbs or modern medicine; it takes more than swallowing those pills and herbs to get well. If your character is mildly ill, RP with a day or two of healing time in there. The sicker your character is, the more healing time you could take.

Use common sense, please.

If you have questions, Kitsufox is more than happy to provide advice.

I don’t want my character to ever get sick if he can’t just automatically get well!

But, no one goes through life without getting sick at least now and then.

It’s good for your character’s level of humanity to get sick every now and then. And it’s not like it’ll keep you from RPing other stuff! A little cold just takes a cat out of the fray for a few days