On The Subject of Mentors & Mentoring

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Why can’t my character have already been a mentor?

Your character cannot have already been a mentor because mentors are selected from those cats that the leader trusts. And while you can write a character who might be suited, you still have the responsibility to develop that IC relationship with the leader, in game. There is also the issues of maintaining balance and clan membership numbers… Too many floating invisible NPCs is a bad thing.

How do I get my character an Apprentice?

Be active in character. While there are some other major influences (like the Leader’s/Deputy’s opinion of your character) that will be a factor, the surest way to have a chance is to simply be active. We try to give IC honors to players contributing to the health of the game IC.

Why was my character passed over to mentor one of the latest litter?

There are a lot of reasons that a character might get passed over for mentoring duty, and I’ll try to cover the most common here.

But I’m going to start by saying that not every character will become a mentor! It’s a privilege, not a right.

The first and most obvious possibility is that a better qualified cat, such as one who’s already a senior warrior and part of the leader’s trusted inner circle, was available to mentor. A more experienced cat will almost always be selected, unless there’s some personality concern that the leader has in regards to the apprentice to be and that experienced mentor. (IE: A Leader would be foolish to pair a very brash apprentice with an extremely reserved mentor. That apprentice would need a mentor suited to cope with their attitude)

Another of the common causes will be age. A First-year warrior (12-26 Moons) is unlikely to be considered simply due to lack of experience, while a Second-year warrior (27-39 Moons) is about the earliest a cat will see an apprentice. Older Warriors (40+ Moons) are well placed to receive an apprentice, if ever they will. They have life experience and wisdom to pass on, and if their personality is suited, might have a lot to give an apprentice.

What is expected of a mentor, IC’ly?

During the course of IC Apprenticeship the Mentor and Apprentice pair are expected to participate in the following threads.

  • RP at least one training thread per IC moon. (Minimum of six (6) training threads)
  • RP at least one of the following (preferably all)
    • Border Tour
    • First Gathering
    • Pre-graduation Visit to Highstones
    • An Evaluation with the Leader/Deputy

A list of these required threads should be sent to the Leader-player by the apprentice-player during the character’s 12th moon as a showing of the credentials and IC preparation for warriorship. If you have not fulfilled these requirements your character can still be made a warrior, assuming that a good reason is in evidence.

If you are a mentor and need ideas for thinks you might teach your apprentice, please consult the Mentoring Information.

What if my character’s mentor is inactive?

Then you’ve got a “get out of class free” card that means you escape a lot of the required RP. It is, however, a subjective thing that you’ll have to talk to your clan’s moderator about (see the Staff Page for who’s mod where) what will be required for you.