On the Subject of Senior Warriors

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What is a Senior Warrior?

The rank of Senior Warrior belongs to the cats who comprise the inner circle of the Clan Leader and Deputy. These cats are trusted to lead patrols, train apprentices and help run the clan. Here at CoSC the rank has nothing to do with age, and the onset of a new leader could even result in the removal of a cat from the rank.

Most often the making of a senior warrior is marked by that cat becoming a mentor. It should be noted that, much like becoming a Mentor, becoming a Senior Warrior is a privilege, not a right.

Does a cat really have to mentor to become a Sr Warrior?

No. A leader might have a cat who’s excellent at leading a patrol, but is completely unsuited to mentoring. The leader might choose to promote that cat to their inner circle.

How does my character become a Senior Warrior?

In Character. There is no OOC Application, no process, nothing specific you can do to become one aside from having a character that the leader has developed trust and faith in. If your character is suited to it, it might become one. Granted, it also might not, if the Leader already has a sufficient number of Senior Warriors.

How do I get my character an Apprentice?

Be active in character. While there are some other major influences (like the Leader’s/Deputy’s opinion of your character) that will be a factor, the surest way to have a chance is to simply be active. We try to give IC honors to players contributing to the health of the game IC.