Other Questions on the Subject of the Warriors World

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Is the Place of No Stars a part of the CoSC Canon?

CoSC does not acknowledge the PoNS as a part of game canon, despite its being introduced as a part of the true world canon. This is because we feel, in an effort to stay truer to the more visceral original series, an all encompassing “Afterlife” is more suitable than a “Heaven/Hell” facsimile.

The StarClan of CoSC is a place where the cats of “good” and “evil” run together. Since the cats of the “good” sort outweigh those of the “evil” sort the good cats are able to (in most cases) keep those of a darker nature in check. But, this setup does open up many interesting possibilities for StarClan, including giving the afterlife of our clan cats an active political life as different cats vie for power and look to head up the merged four-part clan of the afterlife.

The only way that a cat of Clan descent might end up a part of another sky than the one StarClan controls is if StarClan themselves refuses to accept them. Such a thing is rarely done, however, because it eliminates the possibility that StarClan might influence and control the cat in question.

What parts of ‘Secrets of the Clans’ does this game consider Canon?

Due to the fact that this game was founded well before the 2007 release of Secrets of the Clans (SotC) in 2005 we had already established a good many things that would have contradicted directly with this new book. It was concluded by the game ownership that the game would be best served by preserving our custom content and deep attachment to the fiercer and more visceral world of the original series.

For more exacting details on what parts of SotC that we do and don’t consider cannon, please Consult this Page.

Why don’t you have/follow any of the herb lists or attack lists and things in Secrets of the Clans?

The first reason is that it would be plagiarism to simply copy the text of the books, unreasonable to expect every member of the game to own a copy of the book, and we provide far more detail with our custom game information.

What do the size ranges mean

The size ranges are as follows, and represent a full grown animal in their physical prime:

  • Very Small: 4 pounds & under
  • Small: 4 – 6 Pounds
  • Medium-small: 7 – 9 Pounds
  • Medium: 10 – 12 Pounds
  • Medium-large: 12 – 14 Pounds
  • Large: 15 – 17 Pounds
  • Very Large: 18 Pounds & greater

The following things should be noted:

  • Very few domestic cats will ever be lower than Medium-small in size.
  • Clan Cats rarely exceed 15 pounds.

How much food should a clan cat consume in a day?

The fact that no-one seems to share the same mental vision on this subject has resulted in me (Kitsufox) deciding to do some research on it. Theoretically a cat eating a raw diet should consume 2 – 4 percent of its ideal body weight each day. For a clan cat adults would range (in the Medium-small to Medium size range, AKA “Average”) from about 5 to 10 pounds (2.3 – 4.5 kilograms). There you have the numbers I used to reach the following conclusion:

An average clan cat would eat between 3 – 6 ounces (85 – 170 grams) of food per day.

This means the following for an average (medium sized) cat or group of cats:

  • Mouse will feed 1/3rd of a cat.
  • An average Squirrel would feed about 4 cats.
  • A small rabbit Rabbit would feed 7 cats.