Major Projects

  • Characters by Player – In Progress
    Still needs a marker for players who are not real players.
  • Character Adoptions System – In Progress/High Priority
    Ranked Character Support
    On Page Callout

    Actual regular application process still needed.
  • Litter Applications – Not Started/Low Priority
    Don’t forget details on other genders.
  • Species System – In Progress
    Needs to have editing added.
    Then needs to have the content added, too.
  • OOC Rank Applications – Not Started
  • Character Creation Area – Not Started
    Rewrite and update to reflect new game standards.
  • Group Pages – In Progress
    Needs territory stuff added.
  • History System – Not Started
    Figure out how to do it… There has to be a way. Days for dates?
  • Userpage Changes – Not Started (Low Priority)
    Support for on user page character list
    Support for user page LOA display
  • Character Sheets – On Hold
    Integrate new features related to applications as it becomes possible.
  • Character Genetics – On Hold
    With the code proven but unfinished, I’m putting this on hold in favor of finishing more pressing for opening the game systems.
  • Banner – Done/On Hold
    Simple temporary banner done. This will hold us until the reopening gets closer.
    We have to handle the renaming first.
  • My Characters Page – Done/On Hold
    Will need new functions built in as applications get finished.

Content Transfers

  • Education Guide – In Progress (Content Transfer!)
  • Front Page Updates – Done/On Hold
    Needs updates to reflect the current activity of the cats, and get ready for game-start.
  • IC Rank Applications – Done/On Hold (Actually write the applications.)
  • Symptom Guide – On Hold (Content Transfer! – See Forum)
  • Complaint Guide – On Hold (Content Transfer! – See Forum)
  • Weather System – On Hold (Content Creation! Moon 130 Weather)
  • Prey Guide – In Progress
    Links into the species System. Technically done, but needs species added.
  • Predator Guide – In Progress
    Links into the species system. Technically done, but needs species added.

Fully Finished

  • Front Page Manager– Done!
  • Moons List – Done
  • System Account – Done
  • Dummy Characters – Done (Just posts a notice on the character sheet).
  • Key Dates System Done!
  • Herb Guide – Done!


  • Rules – In Progress

Discussion Topics

  1. Dice rolling system? – Rin
  2. ^ Character Sheet Requirements. – Rin/Kit
  3. ^ The Renaming – Rin/Kit
  4. ^ Game to RL time ratio

^ Items intended to be held for a voice chat.


  • Updates to the moon system? Naming & exact application. If we’re going to overhaul it, now’s the time to take a look. – Kit Staying the same
  • We should finalize the subtitle so I can make a generic banner header thingy and start making this place look more for reals. – Kit A New Dawn
  • Do we need a biological gender in our database for cats who possess both sets of reproductive organs? I know it’s an edge case sort of thing, but perhaps we should do it? – Kit Specify “other” in the bio gender field and gender sort pages and just have the rules state that characters of non-male or non-female genders can apply for litters in accordance with special staff approval based on the individual syndrome resulting in their classification as other gendered
  • Slot system. Do we want to revise it. One site I was involved on back in the day you “earned” your way to more characters. It could even be a system where you “earn” them through points for contributions to the game. – Kit Starting point is 1 clan character slot until a specified number of posts has been achieved.
  • The old staff system… I’m fairly certain that part of what caused issues was linking IC ranks to OOC stuff. I’d love to discuss an entirely new system that might make the “Administrative” tasks completely separate from the “Moderator” type tasks of overseeing forum activity that come with being a leader/deputy. Could potentially protect the game from problems. – Kit Splitting IC and OOC is a go.
  • “Parent Pool”. System I have in mind where players can just click an option on their NPC parents and drop them into a list where they could be used by anyone without asking for permission. – Kit Yes.
  • Are we going to keep a weather system for the site? – Kit Yes.