PSA #23 – Adopting Characters You Formerly Owned Following Confiscation or Surrender

For some time this has been a one answer question but a series of recent events has triggered a revisit of this old and overly simple standard.

If you are attempting to adopt a character that was formerly yours and was confiscated or otherwise surrendered for any reason that offer will be reviewed by the Administration Team. If the administration team feels the situations warrants a recovery1 then the Administration Team will write up a proposal of acceptance in which the staff will be given the power to veto the choice made by the staff.

Declines do not require validation by the Staff. The default answer to “can I adopt back my own characters” should remain “No” unless there is a good reason to consider things otherwise (character has maintained a long period [4+ Months] on the adoption lists, player retired from the game for health or other personal reasons and fully reported their intention to leave to the staff, player has an acceptable reason such as sudden and unavoidable health or personal issues that led to the missing of both the activity check and recovery period, ect (Forgetting to file an LOA prior to needing one for a visitor or vacation do not qualify).

1: This review by the administration team, who handles player resignations, confiscations, and have full knowledge of all details that were not publicly visible, or visible to staff members. This might include things like PMs, IP records, or the like that are not generally aired when players leave, ect.