PSA #24 – Frozen Characters

  • Written by Kitsufox & Rin on 28 March 2022


What is a Frozen Character

A Frozen Character is a character in special management by the staff. It will have a yellow marker at the top of the character sheet page indicating that the game administrators have opted to freeze the character.

Why was a character frozen

Characters can be frozen for many reasons, but the biggest one is that the staff is working with the player of the character on some issue. It might mean a player is currently unable to participate but is in contact with game staff, or that game staff has identified an item of concern that requires intervention of some kind. The reasons behind any frozen character are considered confidential by the staff, and only limited information on the situation will be released.

What happens to frozen characters

The final results of freezing a character will vary depending on the situation that caused the freezing in the first place. Ultimately, game staff will make a decision about the character and player involved and that decision will be carried out. This means the character may ultimately be unfrozen and returned to the player, or placed up for adoption by the game staff. Each frozen character will be dealt with on a case by case basis on a timeline that will vary depending on what the situation calls for. Players with frozen characters will be worked with as much as possible to resolve whatever concerns are present.