Legends, Tales and Yarns

The following stories have been accepted as a part of the official legendary history by the game staff.

If you wish to create a new legend and have it accepted, follow the instructions in the Creation Zone.
If the staff accepts the legend a link will be provided here and the tale will be added to the History list.

In approximate order of occurrence, from longest ago to most recent

Four Clans and Four Trees by Kitsufox

A tale that explains why the clans live where they do.

The River by Willow

A legend about the creation of the river that courses between the territories of ThunderClanRiverClan and WindClan.

A Paw In Each World By Wildlark

A legend that explains why crossbreeding in the modern Clans is looked down upon, even thought as traitorous.

Reoc’s Daughter By Kitsufox

The legend that explains why a Medicine Cat must never mate.

Birth of the Modern Clans by Kitsufox

A tale about the moment when the modern clans came to be and several important clan traditions game into being.

Ishaq and Mitternacht Originally by Silith, Rewritten by Kitsufox

A legend about Ishaq and Mitternacht, two cats of StarClan who walk the earth when great change is afoot.

The Markedkit Prophecy by Kitsufox

The legend of the Great War’s end, as brought about by a star-marked kit.