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Genetics Request

Ashkit is A brown tabby van cat with a ringed tail and amber eyes.

Her mother is https://www.chosenofstarclan.com/characters/hawkfeather/,
A stocky chocolate classic tabby bicolor with gold eyes.

Her father is https://www.chosenofstarclan.com/characters/dawnflurry/,
A longhaired red broken tabby mask and mantle bicolor tom with orange eyes.

Assigned Genes

Pelt: Ll RR ReRe lplp whwh LyLy
Color: XoY Bb Dd dmdm Aa Mcmc spsp tata bmbm ii wbwb EE ShSh CC WsWs kk
Body: acac sfsf JbJb mm RtRt mkmk pdpd