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Comfrey – Chosen of StarClan
  1. Comfrey


DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is in relation to a role playing game based on a fictional book series. None of the information provided herein should be used to treat yourself or your pets. Please consult someone trained in first aid, Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or another appropriate professional before attempting to treat a living creature.
Cat Given Name : Comfrey
Other Name(s) :
Description :

Comfrey has large leaves with a hairy texture. The 2-3 foot stall stalks are hollow and the flowers are small and purple, arranged in a way that vaguely resembles the fore-paws of a human.

Properties :

Comfrey is naturally healing, improving the progress for both wounds and broken bones. Comfrey can still a cough and settle a severely upset stomach. It should be noted that comfrey, when used continually as a consumed product, has been connected to wasting conditions caused by hard growths in the abdominal area. Thus comfrey should be used continually with a great deal of caution and restraint.

Related Knowledge
Complaints : Burn, Broken Bone (Open), Abrasion, Blackcough, Broken Bone (Closed), Fleas, Greencough, Killingcough, Whitecough, Abrasion,
Symptoms : Infection, Abdominal Pain, Abrasions, Angulation of the Bone, Cough, Flea Bites, Laceration, Nausea,
Species :
Seasonal Availabilities by Territory *
* To find a plant that is not available in an area, it must first be approved by the Game Admins. Please PM one of the Admin Team for that permission.
^ The listed seasons are those in which the herb is ready in some way for harvest. Consult the collection methods below for details.
Collecting & Storing Leaves
When to Collect : Green-leaf, just as the leaves come into full growth and health
How to Collect : Pluck the best and healthiest leaves from the stem as close to the base as possible.
How to Preserve : Dry the leaves in full sun.
How to Store : Store in a cool, dry place in loose piles.
Collecting & Storing Roots
When to Collect : Leaf-fall, just as the cold begins to set
How to Collect : Dig up the roots carefully, selecting only those that are healthy and firm, taking care not to take so many that the patch is destroyed.
How to Preserve : Clean the roots with moving water, then dry slowly in the shade.
How to Store : Store in a cool, dry place in loose piles.
Detailed Usage Information
Leaves : Consume to treat digestive upset that causes blood in the stool or vomit.
Leaves : Consume to still coughs.
Leaves : May be consumed to settle an upset stomach and relive nausea.
Roots : Apply as a poultice over the site of a broken bone to aid healing.
Roots : Apply as a poultice to aid in the healing of open wounds.