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Tigerrush for Medicine Cat of ThunderClan

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Question #1 : Essay Question


Provide a brief rundown of the personality and history of the character in question, making sure to explain where major personality traits came from, and to include those traits you think qualify the character as the Medicine Cat.


Tigerrush is devoted to the cats of her clan and is very attentive and focused when she works. She was a quick study with what she learned from her mentor and from questions she asks to identify the problem. She’s not afraid to get dirty on the job and will make sure to clean up as soon as she can for her patients. She’s caring but stands firm when she gives instructions.

Between having learned from the medicine cat when she started in the den as a kit, to being trained as a med cat, to taking care of her classmates by herself during the blackcough outbreak after losing her mentor to the illness, I believe she will have earned her spot as TC med cat.

Question #2 : Role Play Situation


Reply in-character to the following post.

The two apprentices snarled at each other in anger, the fur on their necks raised and their tails fluffed up like bottle brushes. As they circled, they spat insults back and forth. “Unreasonable mousebrained fool!” the gray tabby tom called Shadowpaw hissed. “I don’t understand why you just won’t leave me alone!”

“You’re the one who got us in trouble!” The speaker spitting this insult was the long-haired half brother of Shadowpaw known as Greypaw. The two were born to different Queens around the same time, but both by the same tom, named Fogpelt. This had led to the two kits echoing their individual mother’s competitive pushes for their kit to outperform the other. “Leafclaw was hunting with BOTH of us. It’s because of your incompetence that we have to tend the Elders’ ticks!”


“You’re clanmates, not enemies! Hunting parties are supposed to work together, not against each other. The crime is fitting the punishment.” Tigerrush mewed sharply around the ball of moss containing the mouse bile for the apprentices. She was pleased to see she had startled the toms.

Setting the moss down, her tone gentled as she continued. “Even if you’re being competitive and aren’t exactly best friends, you’re Thunderclan. You don’t have to like each other, but at least tolerate each other.”

Green eyes looked from Shadowpaw to Greypaw. “You know, you both have different strengths and weaknesses- every cat is different in that way. If you want to do your best for the clan, maybe discuss the differences you see in each other. Accept the criticism and work with each other to better yourselves instead of trying to get each other in trouble.”

Pleased with the advice she gave, she motioned to the ball of moss. “There’s the mouse bile. Go along now and face the consequences of your actions. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you’re free. And thank you for your help.”

Question #3 : Role Play Situation


Reply in-character to the following post.

Leafclaw had been feeling unwell, and coughed as she approached the Medicine Cat’s den. Once greetings had been handled, she began in a somewhat weak voice. “Yesterday I was okay, but it rained again. Today I can hardly breath through my nose and I’ve been…” she didn’t finish the statement, but it seemed that her illness intended to speak for itself has the deep chested hacking that erupted from the lithe she-cat must have been what she had been about to refer to.


“Yes, that is a rather nasty cough you have.” Rushpaw glanced at Brightflower, who nodded for her to take this case herself. The little tabby listened to her patient’s breathing as the coughing subsided. “Any sneezing or runny eyes?”

When Leafclaw shook her head, Rushpaw moved over to where the herbs were stashed, planning to give colt’s foot to help, only to pause when the warrior spoke up. “I’ve been starting to feel cold off and on all day since I woke up from running evening patrol.”

Taking a dose of colt’s foot leaves and a dose of feverfew leaves from the herbal storage, she nosed Leafclaw into one of the clean, warm nests further back in the den.

“Here, eat these leaves. The colt’s foot and feverfew should help with settling your cough, help ease your breathing, and help your fever. I’ll let our deputy know you won’t be on patrols for a couple days so you can focus on resting and getting better.”

Leafclaw did as she was directed and laid down before eating her medicine without even a grimace. With a sigh, the warrior laid her head down. “Thank you.”

Rushpaw padded over to her mentor, who tilted her head in inquiry. Rushpaw glanced back at Leafclaw before speaking. “She’s showing many of the classic signs of Whitecough. I think we should keep an eye on both her and those she had been on patrol with.”

Brightflower nodded, willing to let her apprentice follow through with the case. “Your reasoning is sound and the herbs you chose should work with each other to help manage her symptoms. How long do you believe she should be observed for?”

“Two to four days at best, if we caught it early enough and her body can fight it off. Otherwise, it might be longer.”