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AirJordanz as Badgerstar for WindClan Leader

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Proposed Character for Leader of WindClan

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Question #1 : Essay Question


Provide a brief rundown of the personality and history of the character in question, making sure to explain where major personality traits came from, and to include those traits you think qualify the character as the next deputy.


Badgerstar is a gruff, toughened individual who cares a lot about the cats around him. He was always empathetic as a kit, but cats often took more note of his tougher qualities, partly due to the name. His parents wanted a strong and fearless warrior of WindClan, which pushed him further into the pigeonhole of the stoic warrior. This encouragement to be strong and fierce resulted in a cat who is afraid to show his emotions for fear of coming across as weak. The previous leader chose Badgerstar (then -claw) because of that hidden gem of empathy and care. It was intended that the leader would have many moons left to train her deputy into a fine candidate for leader. Of course, as Warriors goes as a series, the leader died suddenly of a horrifically infected wound after losing a life or two on the battlefield proper. As a dying wish, the leader told Badgerclaw to open up his heart for his Clan. Being only barely considerable as a senior warrior, Badgerclaw had little time to mourn before being forced to receive his nine lives and new name. Overall, he puts on a tough guy act to seem as strong as his name, but he’s probably questioning every decision he’s forced to make. Definitely needed more time in the deputy oven.

Question #2 : Role Play Situation


Reply to the following RP Post In Character.

The young apprentice Ratpaw shrunk back, fur sucked tight to her body in fear as she cowered in front of her mentor, eyes wide with fear as she almost disappeared in the massive tom’s shadow.

”The Clan comes first!” Goldstripe hissed lowly, his already massive cream tabby pelt raised in anger. ”The elders saw you take the last bird, before they’d been fed. Have you no respect for those who devoted their lives to ensuring you had a place to live, to hunt, to be born?!” the apprentice’s mentor, an older warrior, growled, fangs bared menacingly. The apprentice, promoted just a moon ago, seemed on the verge of fainting, her whole body trembling.


Badgerstar could hear the growling of another cat from where he stood. He’d been intending to check with the patrols about how the day’s hunting went, but this particular scene caught his eye. The black tom stepped up to the two, Ratpaw and Goldstripe, and leveled his gaze at the mentor.

“Goldstripe,” he began in his deep timbre, “are you intending to kill Ratpaw with your words? There’s no need to growl as though she were another Clan’s apprentice.”

If Ratpaw showed relief, there was little time for it. “But Ratpaw does need to learn. If what you said is true, she will spend time ensuring the elders are taken care of from grooming to nest-cleaning. And she will not eat unless another cat can verify that the elders have first. It is a difficult thing to learn, but we are warriors because of our honor. Not because we simply hunt in numbers.”

Question #3 : Role Play Situation


Write an in character post in for the following situation as the character you are applying with.
Your character is out on a lone hunt and spots an intruder. The cat isn’t of any of the clans, and is not one that [CHARACTER] has seen before. Even the cat’s scent is foreign with lean muscles rippling beneath a ragged and scarred pelt. He dosen’t appear to be either hostile or stealing prey, simply exploring.


Badgerstar needed to get out of camp. Being only some time into his leadership, he was quickly learning the difficulties that Honeystar had faced. At the same time, his position meant that he could excuse himself and chase rabbits for the Clan. Alone. As he crested one of the rolling hills of the moors, there was a strange scent on the wind that caught his attention.

The scent blew from nearby, which led him to pursue it. The stench was of a cat, but not one from any of the Clans. By StarClan, it wasn’t even one of the usual rogues or loners. Certainly no cat Badgerstar knew. By the time he got an eye-full of the tom in question, his suspicions were confirmed. This was a stranger to these territories, which made Badgerstar’s hackles raise. With a bellowing voice, he addressed the scarred, lean tom before him.

“You there! I know not where you come from, but I will warn you that these moors belong to the mightiest of cats– WindClan! If you value your safety, you will tread elsewhere!” he said, puffing out his chest. It was the most he could do to sound in control of the situation. In truth, the tom seemed harmless, but he didn’t want a reputation starting of softness to outsiders.

Other Notes from the Applicant

Nope! Just hyped 😀