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Piperkit for Medicine Cat Apprentice of WindClan

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Question #1 : Essay Question


Select one of the following options and answer in accordance with the type of application you wish to put forth. It should be noted that a type C application is strongly discouraged and not preferred.

  • A.) Application as a member of the Emberback x Skyeyes litter that has not yet been adopted. (If kittens are adopted a player notation will be shown).
  • B.) Application as existing PC Kit or Apprentice – Discuss and provide evidence that supports your character’s suitability to selection as a Medicine Cat’s Apprentice.
  • C.) Application as a newly created Kit or Apprentice – Briefly discuss the character you wish to create, including why that character would be suitable as a Medicine Cat’s Apprentice.


I intend to apply as Piperkit, the second kit in the Emberback x Skyeyes litter.

Although Piperkit hasn’t been approved yet from the admins, I hope you take my application into consideration just the same.

Question #2 : Role Play Situation


Respond to the following post In Character as if with the character you would adopt or create.

Rowanglade carried three herbs in her mouth and dropped them in front of her young apprentice. “Which of these herbs would you use to treat a cat with Blackcough, and why.” The she-cat laid the challenge with a subtle touch of slyness in her tone, waiting attentively for her trainee to pick between basil leaves, dandelion leaves and raspberry leaves.


The young she-cat hesitated, considering her options carefully. Basil leaf could bring down fevers and help a queen produce more milk. However, giving more milk is not something you need to treat blackcough. She ruled basil out in her mind, moving onto the dandelion leaves. If the apprentice remembered correctly, dandelion was for bee stings, not sicknesses. Stinging wasn’t a symptom for blackcough, she didn’t think. All that left was raspberry leaves. After thinking for another moment, Piperpaw faltered. Raspberry was used during kitting, as a painkiller. Hanging her head to the older medicine cat, the young apprentice told Rowanglade with disappointment in their own ability in their voice. ”I.. I don’t know. Basil is used for fevers if there’s no better option, but mainly for milk, right?” She continued speaking, without waiting for an answer from their superior. “and- and dandelion is used for bee stings, I’m sure of it! That leaves raspberry leaves, but they’re used for kitting, as a way to lessen the pain.” The apprentice gave a big sigh, before looking up at Rowanglade, confusion evident in her eyes. ”Unless I remembered something wrong- which I probably did-“ Piperkit ducked her head before continuing, “None of these could be used to treat blackcough. I’m sorry that I can’t figure it out, but.. that’s all I’ve got. She then pawed at the ground, eyes downcast in defeat.

Question #3 : Role Play Situation


Respond to the following post In Character as if with the character you would adopt or create. Please assume Rowanglade is out of camp for this situation and that your character is about 4 moons or more into training.

Robintail limped slowly into camp, his right foreleg dripping blood, and hanging at a strange angle. He whimpered slightly with each step, moving slowly towards the Medicine Cat’s Den. “Rowanglade?” His voice was weak, and he was clearly exhausted from the long journey. So exhausted that he collapsed as his three good legs gave out. When examined, it would be revealed that, in addition to the flesh around his paw being torn in an circle all the way around and scraped and cut in many places, one of the two long legbones had been broken. An experienced Medicine Cat would know it instantly: The work of one of the human’s Silver Jaws, deadly things they left to hunt for them, that grabbed in the limbs of animals not careful enough. Robintail was a rare case where one managed to wrestle their leg free and flee from the cold creature without tearing it off completely.


The apprentice, who was sorting out the oak leaves, hearing the call from Robintail asking for their mentor, immediately set down the leaves and was at the cat’s side instantly. After a quick yet through examination, Piperpaws heart nearly leapt out of her chest. She recognized it as the work of a twoleg trap, one Rowanglade had recently warned her about. Now, in this instance, she would have to use that information and do all the steps correctly themselves. Bolting back into the herb storage, the young cat quickly grabbed comfrey root, cobwebs, bindweed, and called to a younger apprentice to “Bring back the strongest, sturdiest stick you can find. And hurry!”. First treating the paw, she went back to their den and grabbed goldenrod, horsetail, marigold, and some extra cobwebs. Making a quick poultice from the herbs, applying it to the hurt paw, and using the cobwebs to stop the bleeding and seal up the wound. Now into the hard part: the broken bone. Thanking the apprentice quickly, she took the stick and set it down. Then, quickly chewing up the comfrey and stinging nettle. After applying it, as well as some raspberry leaves for the pain, Piperpaw sent the same apprentice to get some poppy seeds as he was stirring, and it would be easiest if he wasn’t feeling much pain. After the apprentice returned quickly, she made sure Robintail lapped up only a couple. Then the bindweed was put onto the wound after the oak leaves. After all that, she put the stick into place, and applied cobwebs, before taking a deep breath and shoving the bone back into place. After adjusting the stick, she applied the rush, and asked some the warriors to help transport Robintail to a nest in the medicine den, and  sent different apprentice from the first to find and get Rowanglade now that she was confident Robintail needed no more immediate attention.

Other Notes from the Applicant

I’m new to this site however I’m not new to roleplaying. Thank you for taking me into consideration.