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Faux as Proposed Character for ShadowClan Leader – Chosen of StarClan
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Faux as Proposed Character for ShadowClan Leader

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Palestar for Leader of ShadowClan

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Question #1 : Essay Question


Provide a brief rundown of the personality and history of the character in question, making sure to explain where major personality traits came from, and to include those traits you think qualify the character as the next deputy.


Palestrike is a no-nonsense sort of cat who has a strict prejudice against the other clans, believing that Shadowclan is superior, and holds those of her clan to the same sense of perfection she demands of herself. She has a clear, canny memory, which is clear when she believes she or her clan is slighted, and her sheer determination and loyalty drive her through her actions with unyielding momentum. While she can give off a vibe of being hot-headed, she is not needlessly violent, and displays a shrewd, calculating patience in all things and believes recklessness is weakness.


Palestrike is a she-cat who has known strife in her life. She has seen elders and her parents waste away, and from an early age she knew that she never wanted to become a burden to her clan. Even as a kit she pretended to patrol the nursery and her playfighting might have been a bit too rough, but as an apprentice she absorbed the warrior code like a sponge and evened out her temper, instilling her with her strict sense of the warrior code and reaffirming her confidence and assertiveness. Near the end of her apprenticeship while on patrol with her mentor and another clan member, they came across a clanless cat who was helping himself to prey. There was no hesitance as she followed the other warriors to chase the cat away, yet her small size and quickness pushed her ahead and bravely struck the first attack, tripping up the clanless cat in which the other two caught up and killed him. Her history has been rife with such encounters, and enjoys patrolling; protecting her clan from the worst offenders.


Question #2 : Role Play Situation


Reply to the following RP Post In Character.

The young apprentice Ratpaw shrunk back, fur sucked tight to her body in fear as she cowered in front of her mentor, eyes wide with fear as she almost disappeared in the massive tom’s shadow.

”The Clan comes first!” Goldstripe hissed lowly, his already massive cream tabby pelt raised in anger. ”The elders saw you take the last bird, before they’d been fed. Have you no respect for those who devoted their lives to ensuring you had a place to live, to hunt, to be born?!” the apprentice’s mentor, an older warrior, growled, fangs bared menacingly. The apprentice, promoted just a moon ago, seemed on the verge of fainting, her whole body trembling.


Palestrike’s pallid coat could be seen at the far side of camp, the she-cat’s tail flicking as she turned and padded away from the previously gathered group of warriors from announcing the daily patrols. Nothing seemed out of place as she scanned the camp out of the corner of her eyes, but after another few seconds she spotted the clear distress of the apprentice, flattened on the ground in fear as Goldstripe’s hiss was brought to her attention.

Like a ghost she approached the pair, patiently digesting the situation before her eyes glossed with hardened disappointment, weaponized as much as a claw swipe. “Goldstripe is right, Rawpaw. You are Shadowclan.” Her anger was a measured thing, not basted in fury, but controlled at a measured volume. If that posed to be more intimidating, all the better. Perhaps that would hammer the message further than the undirected menace the older warrior displayed. “Your Elders have lived many times your own life. You need to be reminded of their hardships. To the Elder’s den with you to pick every last tick from their hides, and then, perhaps, you won’t forget that the highest honor is to serve.”

Once the apprentice picked herself off the ground and made her way to accept her punishment, Palestrike didn’t even bother to look at the puffed up warrior. Tsking with a shake of her head, the she-cat continued. “That was unnecessary, Goldstripe. You’ll only break a cat with fear. Everything starts with the Warrior Code – her shortcomings will reflect on you, but you must mold her with care. Don’t let it happen again.” A warning glance was spared to the warrior before she padded away, leaving the warrior to his own thoughts.

Question #3 : Role Play Situation


Write an in character post in for the following situation as the character you are applying with.

Your character is out on a lone hunt and spots an intruder. The cat isn’t of any of the clans, and is not one that [CHARACTER] has seen before. Even the cat’s scent is foreign with lean muscles rippling beneath a ragged and scarred pelt. He dosen’t appear to be either hostile or stealing prey, simply exploring.


Sometimes the silence was a welcome reprieve from her duties, and hunting would release some steam. Her muscles were careful as they padded through the underbrush, upwind from the breeze that tussled her long fur. She listened for the scuffle of footfalls, ears poised to catch the smallest sound – rats made their nests here, and thinking of plump rat brought a catlike smile of satisfaction to her mouth.

However, rat was not the first thing she discovered on her hunt, but rather something larger. Something that brought more concern. Her eyes narrowed upon the trailing form of a scarred intruder, his horrid scent offensive as he remained downwind from her own stalking form. More insulting than a roaming clancat, the clanless were a scourge. Palestrike remained a ghost in the grass, watching… waiting. The she-cat followed the other cat like a predator, prowling as her claws stroked the dirt with every footfall, eager to sink them into yeilding flesh.

And yet… the she-cat waited, patience slowly drawing herself closer despite the anger boiling her blood to a storm. It was only when the filthy clanless was within reach did the unseen she-cat strike – strike swiftly and suddenly as her claws aimed to find purchase in his back, hopefully scoring another few notches into his ragged pelt. “You’ll regret not heeding clan scent, you filthy Clanless.” She spat, twisting her body to engage the intruder, trying to flip the creature onto his back so she might ravage his vulnerable belly.

Other Notes from the Applicant

This is a proposed character, but just let me know if I should include anything else!

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