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Splashy as Moosestride for ThunderClan Leader – Chosen of StarClan
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Splashy as Moosestride for ThunderClan Leader

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Moosestar for of

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Question #1 :



Personality + Leader/Deputy-worthy traits-

  • He is a smart tom who can detect what type of “feeling” a group has, and can respond in a correlating manner.
  • He’s authoritative, but can also be goofy if he wishes it.
  • He tends to value friends highly, and is very close to those he bonds with.
  • He has a more “tire out the opponent” battle strategy, that focuses on tiring out the other cat, rather than wounding them.

Explanation for traits-

  • He cat-watched a lot when he was an older kit, and studied how to interact with any of those cats he sees around camp if he needed to.
  • Ties into his first personality trait. He also was taught in his kithood that you should be serious at times, but also be able to relax and enjoy yourself if times call. He learned his authoritative personality trait late in his apprenticeship, because he would often talk to the patrol leader afterwards on how he should act when he leads patrols in the future.
  • He didn’t have any siblings born around his age, so he didn’t have many other friends around his age. His parents also disliked the idea of him being in the main camp much, so he often just sat just outside the den, watching camp. He values friends now so he can stay more connected to his clan and have an easier time getting things done, since he’d be listened to.
  • Despite being a warrior, Moosestride takes priority in battle to harm the opponent as little as possible to avoid killing them or angering the other clan by wounding one of their warriors too bad, since he believes that each warrior counts, even if death is normal in clan life.


  • Notable Dates-
    • Moosekit was born late Moon of Turning Leaves in 2016
    • Moosekit was named early of Moon of First White in 2016
    • Moosepaw was apprenticed Moon of First Green in 2017 to [pending mentor]
    • Moosestride became a warrior Moon of Long Sun in 2018
    • Moosestride became the # deputy of [former leader]
    • Moosestar became the leader of Thunderclan Moon of First Green 2020 after [former leader]’s death

Details Here

Question #2 :



Moosestar had seen this sort of behavior from a distance before. This was the second time Goldenstripe had lost his temper. Unfortunately, last time, he’d been hunting and had just returned, and thus didn’t have enough knowledge to correct it or see the full story. This time, he was in camp, and he had seen every muscle of the argument. Standing on the High Rock and leaping down, he stomped strongly towards the pair, taking to Ratpaw’s shivering side.


He said with an authoritative tone, narrowing his yellow eyes at the warrior. He kept his face neutral, but he knew how he needed to respond. This cat needed to learn he wouldn’t accept this type of behavior in his clan, his camp. Thoughts spiraled in his head from the situation. How would he respond? How would Goldenstripe respond? Well, he had little time to think. Time was precious, and this could mean everything for this apprentice’s future.

“Do you not realize this is your own apprentice? Whatever actions Ratpaw takes are a reflectance of your own teaching.”

The lanky brown tom stated, flicking his ear due to a fly that had decided it was a nice landing spot to rest it’s wings. He stood in a way that was as blocking of poor Ratpaw as possible, so he was the focus of attention. However, he kept his tail to Ratpaw’s side to hopefully keep the apprentice there.

“While you are correct, you must feed the elders before yourself, this apprentice is new. She is but 7 moons! You snarl at her, rather than correct her! You should have had told her the mistake, then taken her hunting to replenish the prey, rather than bare your teeth and snarl!” 

He said, his eyes always on the golden warrior to ensure he wouldn’t make a try to unleash his anger further.

“If you are still too enraged to mend your relationship with her, I will take her myself.”

He finished, glancing back at Ratpaw.

Question #3 :



Moosestar, at first, felt a sense of curiosity. A rogue, so comfortable he was just exploring the lands without fear? He almost wanted to laugh. Did he not even know of the clan he was exploring right now? Even if so, he needed to leave. Hiding in a nearby bush, he shuffled a couple mice he had caught into a hole inside the bush, before turning back to the rogue’s scent. Still there, just as curious as ever. Looking even closer, he noticed the scars on the cat. Familiar to battle, it appeared, being so ragged and scarred that he looked more like a brown bush than a cat. He reminded himself of his own muscles. He could fight much better than this ragged pelt of fleas. Moosestar didn’t care for silence as he leaped out of the bush and landed in front of the rogue.

“Rogue, you are trespassing in Thunderclan Territory. I need you to leave at once, or I will be forced to introduce you to my claws.”

He spoke in a simple, authoritative voice. He didn’t care for niceties. He had his own scar trophies, he didn’t care for the opinion of this rogue.

Other Notes from the Applicant

He’ll be my only Player Character for quite a while if he’s accepted. I’m also alright with changing up my RP style a bit if it’s needed.