Golden-crowned Kinglet

Golden-crowned Kinglet
Classification(s) : Prey
Cat Name : Chickadee
Common Name : Golden-crowned Kinglet
Scientific Name : Regulus satrapa
Other Name(s) :
Physical Description :

The Golden-crowned Kinglet is a small bird with olive-grey upperparts and white underparts. Its bill is thin and short, and it also has a short tail. It has a strip of white running perpendicular on the wings (white wing bars) the wings also include the olive colour. It has a stripe of black through the eyes, and stripes of white on the face. These birds have a yellow crown, with the males having an orange patch in the middle of this crown

Physical Statistics :

Length: 3.1 – 4.3 inches (8 – 11cm)

Weight: 0.16 – 0.28oz (4.5 – 7.8g)

Wingspan: 5.5 – 7.1 inches (14 – 18cm)


Behavior :

This bird feeds on insects, foraging in trees and shrubs. It most often eats caterpillars, insect eggs and spiders. This bird has a high-pitched call, that stays on a single note. They nest well concealed within conifer branches.

Social Organization :

The Golden-crowned Kinglet is a migratory bird, and is only sometimes found within a permanent residence. These birds form flocks with other small songbirds, and are monogamous breeders.

Approval Level : None; The Golden-crowned Kinglet is a common species.
Kill Difficulty : Low;

These birds are small and unable to fight back once in the jaws of a predator.

Training Level : General;

These birds are commonly found, making them good for beginner practice on hunting tiny birds.

Hunting Tactic : Tiny Birds
Food Quality : Low; Little meat contained within the bird. Flesh is rich but not plentiful.

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