1. Anxiety


DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is in relation to a role playing game based on a fictional book series. None of the information provided herein should be used to treat yourself or your pets. Please consult someone trained in first aid, Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or another appropriate professional before attempting to treat a living creature.

Anxiety is a behavioral symptom involving a cat reaching an overly emotional state. Anxiety ranges from very mild to extremely severe. The length of attacks varies from single short incidents, through multiple incidents stemming form the same stimuli, to long drawn out episodes.

The great majority of Anxiety attacks are mild and isolated incidents stemming from moments of great stress. The majority of cats will shake the initial attack within a day and never experience another.


For isolated incidents work to keep the cat in a calm environment and administer herbs as needed to get the patient to relax and rest.

For very severe cases that involve strings of attacks action may have to be taken to remove the cat from the situations that cause the stress.

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