1. Infertility (She-cat)

Infertility (She-cat)

DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is in relation to a role playing game based on a fictional book series. None of the information provided herein should be used to treat yourself or your pets. Please consult someone trained in first aid, Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or another appropriate professional before attempting to treat a living creature.
Infertility (She-cat)

Infertility of the she-cat is the inability of the she-cat to conceive a litter. It might spring from something simple and curable as poor condition or be a problem of her womb or something equality impossible to treat.


A she-cat seeking treatment for infertility should first be encouraged to select a second cat to attempt to sire a litter to rule out her chosen male as the cause. If the she-cat is verified as the problem member of the pair, then attempts should be made to treat the problem with herbs or look for a root cause to treat.

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