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Senior Warrior of WindClan
A Male cat.
By Emberback out of Mistystep.
Living at the age of 31 Moons (2.4 Years)
Short Description:

A stocky red classic tabby bicolor tom with copper eyes.

Long Description:

Cloudflare is a broad tomcat, built stocky with a wide, muscular chest. His thick legs are made less for bounding and more for building momentum in his stride. His circular face is supported by a solid neck and taut shoulders and set with a pair of vibrant copper eyes. His short haired coat is white, but the back of his neck, ears, forehead, shoulders, back and tail are bright ginger in a classic, blotched tabby pattern.


Cloudflare is generally a gregarious, confident sort of tomcat, although in his youth those times were marred by periods of over self reflection and distrust in himself. On his good days (which are becoming more and more common) his words are laced with implied wit, and tends to be rather lighthearted. Even his seriousness has a softened edge. His kithood personality had been mended by his mentor, adopting her wit and positive outlook on life, where persuasion and patience has become his weapon of choice. Integrity will always get you into Cloudflare’s good graces, even if that means owning up to your mistakes. He is quite proud to be of Windclan, and upholds the warrior code to the best of his ability. he acts on intuition when he feels its necessary even if that means questioning what others might say or think if he believes it to be for the good of the clan.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of First Fishing (2018) 108
Full History:

[0-6 Moons]

Mistystep and Emberback’s relationship was based solely on convivence which begun as a mutual respect between them. Cloudflare, born on a bitterly cold morning, was born as Cloudkit along with a stillborn she-kit after a long, harsh leaf bare. His dame, Mistystep, fussed over him – keeping him close and warm between suckling and the occasional guest to the nursery. While strict and overbearing, she was his lifeline and his playmate. Where he could have developed into a playful, bouncy kit, her temper and high expectation she had for him molded his kittenhood into a more careful, thoughtful one as he grew older.

[6-10 Moons]

Approaching his apprentice hood brought a newfound excitement, all too eager to leave the nursery behind. Cloudkit, in his moments of escape, got to know many of the cats in his clan, including a witty, friendly she-cat by the name of Featherflight. The older she-cat took an interest in the near apprentice, and by his apprentice ceremony, Featherflight had been named his mentor. Finally free from the stifling atmosphere of the nursery, Cloudpaw was free to express himself, and his mentor was the first cat to coax him out of his shell. Cloudpaw proved to be an inquisitive and quick study. And while he patiently took to his oral lectures, Cloudpaw was most excited to prove himself out hunting, and was eager for a skirmish be it with a weasel or a rival clan cat should they cross his clan. His confidence blossomed under Featherflight’s tutelage, and learned to trust his instincts. Reckless decisions came few and far between, but Cloudpaw learned from his mistakes as disappointing his mentor was one of the worst feelings imaginable. It reminded him of his nursery moons trying to gain the approval of his dame. Needless to say, any mistakes were corrected by his mentor with a firmness that didn’t last – Featherflight was quick to forgive.

[10-24 Moons]

Cloudpaw was named Cloudflare at his warrior ceremony under the proud gaze of his mentor. A name suggested for the personal growth and sparking flare of his newfound self and fierce dedication to his clan, nearly a 180 degree transformation from the reserved, stifled kit he used to be. During his vigil he sat, quietly contemplating his journey so far. Of what it meant to be a part of his clan. He thought about his mother, and while he generally avoided her around camp, he secretly appreciated her for the hardship she brought, an obstacle to overcome. He had come so far and yet his life was only beginning. Cloudflare’s career as a warrior was marked by steady patrols, hunting to provide for his clan, and the occasional border confrontation or scent of a passing predator. He relished in the chance to throw his weight around, and had grown into a considerable tomcat. Yet even the most fit and prepared can succumb to the harshness of leaf bare. Cloudflare saw many of the cats he knew fall to starvation and general malaise of the cold. It was during one of those cold days that he sprung after a skinny hare, chasing the creature until it turned a sharp corner and escaped. Cloudflare, meanwhile, could not stop fast enough and tumbled down a shallow rocky outcrop disguised by the snow, causing him an extended trip to the medicine cats den for a sprain in his back right leg. During this time spent in the den, he was forced into the company of his dame, Mistystep, who had taken to sickness. At first they had little to say to one another, but only until Cloudflare spoke up did they finally find some common ground. The burden of his anxieties slowly ebbed as his dame accepted her fate and joined Starclan shortly after. Once Cloudflare was fit to leave, he slowly worked up his muscles and to this day continues to stretch and strives to be at his peak, wary of slippery hares in the dead of leaf-bare.


After the harrowing winter, Windclan emerged into the moon of Promised Prey and beyond. Peace was at his paws, and soon received the surprise of getting into Badgerstar’s good graces and a new apprentice to train, his own half-brother, Brightpaw, while his half-sister took followed Starclan’s path. Immensely proud of their accomplishments and strangely humbled by his special task, he now trains Brightpaw to be the best warrior he could be, using the tips and tricks given to him by his own mentor, who he still occasionally shares tongues with over fresh kill.

Sire: Emberback (A stoutly built ginger classic tabby tom)
Dam: Mistystep (A pale gray tabby bicolor she-cat with amber eyes)
Paternal Siblings:
Brightpaw (A red tabby tom with white belly and bright blue eyes)
Piperpaw (A ginger classic tabby she-cat with a fluffy tail and green eyes)
Dazzlekit (A bright red mackerel tabby tom with light copper eyes.)
Redkit (A cream mackerel tabby tom-kit with white paws and copper eyes)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Cloudflare Emberback Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Mistystep Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)

[Genealogy Details]

Significant Cats
Featherflight (A mid-furred, red primal ticked tabby she-cat with yellow eyes)
Brightpaw (A red tabby tom with white belly and bright blue eyes)
Notes & Additional Details
Litters Sired: Out of Clovershine on 26th day of the Running Prey 2020
      2 Kits: Redkit, Dazzlekit
Genetics: This character has been assigned a genetic code.
Bans Data: Cloudflare has been compiled into the bans records.
Cloudflare is a Male Cat with a Red Non-color restricted Bicolor pelt of Short Normal textured hair. They are of Medium-large Size and Semi-cobby build. Their eyes are Copper and ears are Normal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Short legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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