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Kit of RiverClan
A Male cat.
By Boldstar out of Otterwhisker.
Living at the age of 2 Moons (0.2 Years)
Short Description:

A grey-eyed, blue ticked tabby point tom with white paws and mask

Long Description:

Sturgeonkit is a large cat – or at least he will be. Even as a kit he is easily twice the size of his sisters. He has a short ticked blue tabby point pelt, with white mittens and mask. His fur is almost always sticking up straight which makes him look a bit like very sleepy dandelion puff.

He has dark grey eyes, and his short ears are tipped with tuffs of grey hair. His large cheeks and short nose make his face look a bit flat. This is assisted by the fact he is usually sprawled on the floor of the nursery after a daring ‘escape’ from his dame’s side.

Even with his large size, his feet are massive compared to his body – making him appear weirdly disproportionate. He will likely grow into these with time and a lot of food.


Sturgeonkit is not a quiet kitten. When he isn’t asleep there is always mewing of protest – about food, bathtime or over some perceived slight. He doesn’t have to fight hard to nurse, able to bowl over his siblings. This is probably a good thing too because he wouldn’t be too interested in actually fighting for food. Sturgeonkit seems to enjoy sleeping most of all and can be found napping all across the nursery in – frankly – hilarious positions.

Sturgeonkit’s large size would make it easy for him to pick on his sisters as he gets older, but this will not be the case. In fact, as he grows, his sisters will find that he is easy to play tricks on, and a little bit slow on the uptake. Hopefully his reflexes (both physical and mental) will improve with age.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Running Prey (2020)
Full History:

Kit: 0 moons – 4 moons

Sturgeonkit was the youngest of Otterwhisker’s first litter, sired by Boldstar. He was born with his three littermates on the dawn of the 22nd day of the Moon of Running Prey (2020). He has had a simple, quiet life so far, enjoying the peace of the nursery and the care of his doting dame.

Sire: Boldstar (A very large dark gray primal ticked tabby longhair tom with tufted ears)
Dam: Otterwhisker (A chocolate mink bicolor she-cat with a short tail and legs)
Full Siblings:
Hailkit (A blue ticked tabby she-kit with green eyes)
Merrykit (A seal mackerel tabby mink bicolor she-kit with aqua eyes)
Stormkit (A blue ticked tabby mink she-kit with a lighter underside and green eyes)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Sturgeonkit Boldstar Silverears (A longhaired gray primal ticked tabby with amber eyes and tufted ears)
Snowstep (A longhaired white she-cat with blue eyes)
Otterwhisker Reedstorm (A large chocolate mink tom with a scarred shoulder and aqua eyes)
Duskytail (A brown broken mackerel tabby she-cat with a white locket and amber eyes)

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Significant Cats
Notes & Additional Details
  • King of Eepy
Previously played by: Rinayla and AirJordanz
Litter Record: By Boldstar out of Otterwhisker
Genetics: This character has been assigned a genetic code.
Bans Data: Sturgeonkit has been compiled into the bans records.
Sturgeonkit is a Male Cat with a Gray Pointed pelt of Mid-length Normal textured hair. They are of Large Size and Semi-cobby build. Their eyes are Gray and ears are Abnormal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Normal legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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