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Open [Sticky] Long Sun 2020 PGCM

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((Due to Badgerstar not having a player this is being Handled OOC. Simply make a reply to this post as if responding to Badgerstar's call to gather.))




Badgerstar, the Entire Clan


The Pre-gathering Clan Meeting


WindClan Camp, Talking Cliff & the gathering area under it.

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A ginger and white shape made his way back into camp. By the looks of things he arrived just before Badgerstar announced tonight's gathering attendees! The stocky tom maw parted, dropping the shape of a lizard he found near the rock fields. Felt like forever since he caught a lizard. Leaving the freshly caught prey for someone else, he settled in the crowd of gathered cats underneath the Talking Cliff and smiled up at the tom, ears giving a small flick of attention.

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  With a grunt, Barleyswipe slept soundly. She was half nestled in her mossy nest, oblivious to the heat as her eyes flickered as if dreaming. Whatever nonsense that black furred leader had to say, he'd say without the elderly she-cat knowing. She was a sound sleeper and the elder's den echoed with a soft snore.


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Shadesleek felt better this Gathering night than the last. Nightrain's death had distracted her that entire time, but the pain had dulled a lot since. The black warrior stretched in her nest before shaking bits of moss from her fur and leaving the warriors' den. She did poke her head into the elders' den after hearing a snore, but after a heartbeat of thought, withdrew it and went to join the others, leaving Barleyswipe to whatever she was dreaming about. It must've been good if she wanted to miss a whole meeting over it.

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Rowanglade made her way quietly out into the gathering cats. She did not like a gathering when such dark clouds as the creeping threads spoken in the Moonstone's glow hung over the heads of her clan. She settled herself quietly, her mind trapped in worries over what news would come of the warm night and full moon.

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Fawnbriar had been sitting calmly just below the Talking Cliff, one white paw lifted as she swiped it with her pink tongue to give her face and whiskers a quick wash. Noticing movement out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Rowanglade approach with an expression almost as cloudy as the sky. Standing, she padded over to the medicine cat. "You seem troubled Rowanglade. Anything I can do to lighten the weight on your mind?"


Boulderdash's odd-eyed gaze landed on her sister as they made their way to the clan meeting. Like Shadesleek, she had been subdued since they had found out about their brother's death. Surprisingly, it was one of few things that could shake the easy-going she-cat. Gently head butting her sister, she attempted a purr that came out a bit rougher than intended. Looking at her sister, there was both concern and a lingering sadness in her eyes as well as a question- how was Shadesleek holding up today? 

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Fawnbriar kept an ear turned to Rowanglade, in case the medicine cat decided she needed to confide in the deputy, while she glanced around the clan and listened to Badgerstar announce who would be joining them at the Gathering tonight.

"Along with Rowanglade, Fawnbriar and myself, I will be taking Cloudflare, Shadesleek and Brightmaple. While I am gone, I want Boulderdash to guard the camp. Pinestep, please organize a hunting patrol while we are gone."

The chocolate calico blinked in surprise when she hear her dame was joining them but knew the elder would be pleased to have a chance to stretch her legs and leave camp. She also found herself agreeing with getting another hunting patrol out while the temperatures remained cooler. Standing, she made to follow her black and white leader as he leapt down and made his way to the camp entrance. "You heard Badgerstar! We're off!"


Brightmaple let out a purr of surprise as her name was called to go to the Gathering but stood and swiftly stretched each leg in turn to warm the muscles in preparation for the trip. At her deputy daughter's call, the elder made her way to the Gathering party and wondered if any other elders were going to be going to the Gathering.


Boulderdash almost wished she was going to the Gathering with her sister. She would sheepishly admit that she currently found solace in being next to her sister's dark pelt when she was able to be. But she hadn't been called so she moved to take her place at the entrance to the camp, giving her sister's ear a swift swipe with her tongue. Boulderdash prepared herself for the night's watch, nodding to the patrol as they headed out to the Gathering.

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