1. RiverClan



Cats of Rank

Leader: Unfilled [ APPLY ]
Deputy: Unfilled
Med. Cat: Willowfrost
M. C. App.: Unfilled

Character Details

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The RiverClan of the Erin Hunter world is a petty group, seemingly lazy compared to the rest of the Clans due to their very different hunting strategy. They are depicted with time to worry about small wastes of time such as decorating their dens with things they’ve found around the river. CoSC’s RiverClan is rather different.

While appreciative of the beauty found within their territory, the RiverClan of CoSC is full of cats who are dedicated to the warrior code and upholding it as best they can. In off seasons, they can be seen training to catch prey on land and perfecting their fighting techniques-while in peak fishing season, their lithe and agile bodies conquer the water with ease.

Priding in all that which is loyal, honest, and hard working, RiverClan is a picture of poise and grace.


Details on RiverClan’s territory will be forthcoming soon.


While fish is the primary food of RiverClan for 3 seasons of the year (Leaf-bare renders the river un-fish-able and sends the fish into hibernation), leading to their perfected fishing tactics, stream-side rodents such as water-voles are also frequently hunted. While they are not experts at hunting them, rabbits can be found in Northfield, and squirrels frequent the River Copse. These staples are supplemented with mice and birds.


Lifetimes of fishing has resulted in a Clan with an unusually high number of cats with well developed patience; although, in the same vein, they are commonly very stubborn. Amongst the other Clans, these traits have become well known simply due to passing patrols noting a cat fishing when they pass and seeing the same cat in the same place upon their return trek.


A discussion of the common physical traits of RiverClan’s cats will be forthcoming soon.