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These rules reflect the basic expectations for characters at CoSC.

This document is subject to change without notice. Changes will be announced on the forum when they are made.


  • must be approved before they appear in Role Play.
  • must comply with all bans set by the game staff.
  • must meet the quality & length expectations set by the game staff.
  • must be genetically feasible based on bloodline source.


  • Slots are limited thusly after ten (10) role-play posts:
    • 4 non-elder Clan Character Slots.
    • 1 Domestic Cat Character Slot.
    • 1 Feral or Semi-feral Character Slot.
    • Unlimited Clan Elder Slots.
    • Unlimited (staff approved) Non-player Characters.
    • Rank application filled positions are exempt from slot restrictions.
  • Ranks are limited thusly:
    • 1 character may be of leader or deputy rank.
    • 1 character may be of Medicine Cat of Medicine Cat’s apprentice rank.
  • Special Slots may be received in the following ways:
    • Special Administrative Grant for use in a plot.
    • Financial Donation to the site
    • Non-financial Donation to the site
    • Other reasons seen fit by the administrative team.


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