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These rules reflect the basic expectations for conduct in role-play at CoSC.

This document is subject to change without notice. Changes will be announced on the forum when they are made.

If you need more details on a topic, please visit the specific page.

  • Prophecy… requires Admin Team Approval.
  • Posts
    • must be at least 3 sentences long.
    • must have a where stamp added.
    • must have a timestamp added.
    • with the same character are expected to be managed reasonably by players.
    • are conducted using a posting order for fairness.
  • Combat
    • is to be conducted using 5 second “rounds”
    • must not contain any form of godmodeing.
    • must not contain any form or powerplaying.
  • Activity
    • is checked every IC moon at the pre-gathering meeting.
    • expected is a minimum of one thread per month.
  • ICA=ICC… means that “In Character Actions Equal In Character Consequences
  • Realm of Experience… applies to all characters.


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