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Administrator & Owner

A forest clanner from Wisconsin, I’m just a programing dork who loved the warriors world. I’ve been a part of CoSC since the beginning in 2005 and this website is absolutely by brainchild. It’s been built over the years and something I’m incredibly proud of. I’m looking forward to helping all of you get settled into this version of the Warriors World.

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Assistant Administrator

A mountain clanner from Montana, I am just a gal who is crazy about books and animals of all kinds. Writing is something that I pride myself on and in fact, have been able to make a small career out of, however writing simply for imagination’s sake is my favorite. Which is why I love this site so much!
I have been a part of the CoSC world since 2008 and it is very dear to my heart. I love making new friends and connecting with others that share the same passions that I do; so I look forward to getting to know you better and Rp’ing soon. Thanks for stopping by!