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Administrator & Owner

A forest clanner from Wisconsin, I’m just a programing dork who loved the warriors world. I’ve been a part of CoSC since the beginning in 2005 and this website is absolutely my brainchild. It’s been built over the years and something I’m incredibly proud of. I’m looking forward to helping all of you get settled into this version of the Warriors World.

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Assistant Administrator

A city clanner from New York, I’m a long time RPer on a spectrum of different sites and themes, but one of my favorites is CoSC. I’ve been a long time lruker but officially joined in 2022. No where else has a warrior site had such an extensive, impressive system. I enjoy writing & art, both of which I get to flex while on the site, so if you have questions, want to RP, or desire an image for your cat’s posting table – that can be arranged! I can’t wait to meet you all and share this experience together!

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We currently have no moderators but will be looking into adding them as it becomes required.

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We are currently not employing a special discord team but will be looking into adding them as it becomes required.

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There are members who have left the staff. You can find that information on this special page.