Swift as the wind. Quiet as the forest. Conquer like the fire. Steady as the mountain – Sun Tzu

Cats of Rank

Leader: Fawnbriar
Deputy: Aspenberry
Med. Cat: Rowanglade
M. C. App.: Piperpaw

Latest News

A strange, odd-eyed rogue brings ill tidings of Badgerstar’s fate – stolen away by Two-Legs where he can no longer lead his clan, leading to unusual circumstances within the ranks of Windclan. Fallkit is adopted into Windclan after the Gathering’s events. Death claims Skyeyes, stealing her away to Starclan prematurely… Only time will tell if answers will be revealed.

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The WindClan of the books is typified by little more than speed and nerves with their rabbit-exclusive hunting style making them vulnerable to the natural fluctuation in density of prey species. The WindClan of Children of StarClan has disguarded much of this very negative sterotype in favor of one more suited to the environment they live in.


Details on WindClan’s territory will be forthcoming soon.


Though WindClan is best known for their skills at catching rabbits, their territory also runs rich with other prey. Birds can be found at the Treeline, along with mice and the occasional squirrel. Moles can even be hunted if a cat slips over into the Garden and is quick enough to strike before they slide back underground. Mice and the odd adder might be found at Rockfield.


Hunting rabbits on the moors has given rise to a group of cats used to quick hunts and in possession of even quicker tempers. WindClanners are proud cats with a sharp edge to their tongues.


A discussion of the common physical traits of WindClan’s cats will be forthcoming soon.

WindClan Allegiances

Home to 15 cats, of which 9 are Male, 11 are Female, and 0 are other biological genders.

Territory and Maps


Leader’s Den

A small den at the base of a bush devoted to providing the leader with a comfortable and private place.

Medicine Cat’s Den & Sick Den

A pair of hollows under a large lilac bush to provide shelter to the medicine cat and their patients.

Warriors’ Den

A large den surrounded by bushes whose branches have been woven together to form a proper roof.

Apprentices’ Den

A small den near the warrors’ den and built in the same way.


Extra warm and with extra branches woven into the walls and ceiling, the nursery is the most secure and warmest of all the dens.

Elders’ Den

A solidly built and comfortable den created for the elders. The floor is extra thick with moss.

Freshkill Pile

A pile food kept in a shallow depression for later consumption.

Talking Cliff

A cliff that overlooks the camp. Announcements are made from it.

SilverFall Gorge

Wind Hill

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Geography: A slight rise topped by a whippy old pine tree that sits in the southwest corner of the territory near the gorge.

Description: The tall, slender pine tree is seated atop a windblown knoll. Birds and the occasional squirrel call on the location, but it’s prime use is as a point to overlook RiverClan territory. From the lower branches of the tree all of the North Field is open to be viewed.

Gorge Edges

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Geography: The gorge cuts a wide swatch through the southern border of the clan, marking the border with RiverClan.

Description: The river flows within a rocky edged gorge alone the southern border of the clan’s territory. The river cannot be fished here, but the rocky, grassy areas to provide acceptable hunting grounds for mammals and rabbits.


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Geography: A stretch of territory between the falls and Fourtrees.

Description: The Flatlands spread smooth as a well-kept lawn from the bushes at the base of the WindClan Territory rise until it reaches the Rockpath. It is wide open and grassy, rich with the prey that favors such spaces.

Tresspass Point

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Geography: The point where WindClan Territory meets both RiverClan and ThunderClan.

Description: Nothing sets this small chunk of territory apart save for the multitude of Clan-scents that mark the ground near the Rockpath and on the nearby bushes. WindClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan scents mingle heavily, with faint traces of ShadowClan (the only evidence of the dares so popular amongst the Clan’s apprentices).



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Geography: A rocky area of the WindClan rises east side that separates the Moorlands from the Flatlands.

Description: A rocky expanse rich with mice and other rodents. The grass is naturally short, and various small plants that favor the shade of the rocks grow here.

The Steppe

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Geography: To the northeast of the Rockfield lies a small field.

Description: An expanse of lush grass that curves around towards the Treeline. Wildflowers render the area colorful in late spring and early summer, attracting rabbits and hares.

Fourtrees Border

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Geography: The border that runs around Fourtrees, following the curve created by the Rockpath.

Description: A open expanse of short-kept grass. The WindClan scentmarks are a distance from the Rockpath itself, giving Fourtrees its proper independence from being a part of any Clan’s territory.

Border Lands


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Geography: A open field of long grass located in the Northwest of the territory.

Description: The long grass is only interrupted by the occasional large rock, and streatches to cover the territory surrounding wind hill and topping the territory’s rise.

West Treeline

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Geography: The northwest section of the border.

Description: Trees meet up with the open lands of WindClan territory, creating an area of almost year round prime hunting.

East Treeline

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Geography: The northeast section of the border.

Description: Trees meet up with the open lands of WindClan territory, creating an area of almost year-round prime hunting.