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General Rules


Contains further detail on What is harassment, harassment investigation, Unintentional violation, and intentional violation.

Harassment will not be tolerated. Players found to be harassing others, through any medium will suffer a permanent ban from CoSC.


Contains further detail on IP Addresses, Families, Multiple Account Investigations, Ignorance violation, and intentional violation.

Each player (who shall be identified through their IP Address) is limited to a single account. Multiple-player households MUST report (via Private Message) to Kitsufox with the name of ANY and ALL accounts that will share IPs or it will be addressed as a purposeful violation of this rule.


Contains further detail on Avatar Rules, Signature Image Rules, Forum Image Rules, and Character Sheet Image Rules.

Each player should comply with the rules for image use on the website.


Contains further detail on filing a Leave of Absence.

Players may file a Leave of Absence to avoid loosing characters to inactivity following the instructions in this policy


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