1. ThunderClan



Cats of Rank

Leader: Unfilled [ APPLY ]
Deputy: Unfilled
Med. Cat: Tigerrush
M. C. App.: Unfilled

Character Details

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ThunderClan of the books is a Clan devoted to peace and respect, with no fear of challenging the code to do as they please. ThunderClan of CoSC is a bit different. This article is designed to document the CoSC version of ThunderClan.


The majority of ThunderClan’s territory is covered in forests, though there are a few notable exceptions: First off is the open, stone filled clearing called snakerocks. Near to that, by the road is the East Clearing. By the tiny stream that branches off the Sidestream is the stream clearing. The single largest open space surrounds the Owltree, on the approach towards Fourtrees. Also notable is the clearing near sunningrocks, where ThunderClan Territory juts into RiverClan’s territory.


The forests run rich with mice, voles, squirrel and birds. Small fish run in the Sidestream, and most ThunderClan cats know the rudiments of fishing. The bits of open land in the territory play host to rabbits, and the occasional water vole can be found at Sunningrocks.


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