So musical a discord, such sweet thunder. – William Shakespeare

Cats of Rank

Leader: Moosestar
Deputy: Unfilled [ APPLY ]
Med. Cat: Tigerrush
M. C. App.: Unfilled

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Ever since the discovery of the death stricken fox on their territory, Thunderclan has been on edge. Not long after Dustpaw was taken prematurely by a mysterious death. Its no wonder its medicine cat ponders such things, but will the future bring any light to shed on the forest’s plight?
Kestralswipe has been chosen for Thunderclan Deputy!

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ThunderClan of the books is a Clan devoted to peace and respect, with no fear of challenging the code to do as they please. They take in kittypets without regard for tradition and blood purity while claiming it is StarClan’s will.
CoSC’s ThunderClan is rather different. While they do tend to be cats who are thinkers, they do so while upholding to the words of the code that they have been taught since they were very young. They are experts at both ambush hunting and fighting, knowing the code does not call for a face to face fight but instead that the borders be kept protected.


The majority of ThunderClan’s territory is covered in forests, though there are a few notable exceptions: First off is the open, stone filled clearing called snakerocks. Near to that, by the road is the East Clearing. By the tiny stream that branches off the Sidestream is the stream clearing. The single largest open space surrounds the Owltree, on the approach towards Fourtrees. Also notable is the clearing near sunningrocks, where ThunderClan Territory juts into RiverClan’s territory.


The forests run rich with mice, voles, squirrel and birds. Small fish run in the Sidestream, and most ThunderClan cats know the rudiments of fishing. The bits of open land in the territory play host to rabbits, and the occasional water vole can be found at Sunningrocks.


ThunderClanners, unlike their book counterparts, are more quiet cats. They tend to be more reserved but confident, with a good mix of cats that are aggressive, and ones that are more diplomatic. Overall, ThunderClan cats are smarter, quieter cats that reserve their thoughts to themselves, but when one does come forward, they are talkers and can definitely keep a conversation going and in control.


Being forest-dwellers, ThunderClanners are often known for their brown, black, or tortoiseshell colors which blend better in the scattered colors of their thick forests, though creams, tans, and whites are sometimes dotted through their ranks. ThunderClanners also trend to be around average to smaller in size, with muscular, lanky cats that are able to skitter through and hide in ThunderClan’s underbrush with ease.

ThunderClan Allegiances

Home to 15 cats, of which 7 are Male, 11 are Female, and 0 are other biological genders.

Territory and Maps

ThunderClan Camp


A large outcropping of stone in the center of the camp. Two small caves within the stone form leader’s and medicine cat’s dens. Over the top of the Leader’s Den is a smooth, flat area where the Leader traditionally stands to call together the Clan for a meeting.

Leader’s Den

A small cave in the Highrock, sheltered by the growth of vines and other vegetation. This provides a private place for the leader that stays relatively cool in greenleaf, and nicely warm in leaf-bare.

Medicine Cat’s Den

A small cave in the Highrock that lies opposite of the leader’s den. The entrance is more open than the leader’s den, with a few small bushes near the entrance that provide good cover for ailing cats who must stay near the den. Within are two different chambers that provide a place for the medicine cat (and it’s apprentice) to sleep in addition to storage space for Herbs.

Warrior’s Den

Formed with walls of sticks, brambles and other such vegetation, the den is not as secure as the leader’s and medicine cat’s den but still provides excellent protection for the cats that call it home. The entrance looks out on the fresh-kill pile and elder’s den, and the floor is of sand covered in soft moss.

Apprentice’s Den

Much like the warrior’s den, though on a smaller scale, the apprentice’s den is almost identical. The stick and bramble walls and ceiling provide cover and protection from the elements for creatures that sleep within on the sand and moss floor.


Built away from the main wall of the camp, the walls of the nursery have been built to be more solid and much fuller than the primary outer wall and the walls of the warrior and apprentice dens. Here the sandy floor is covered in moss, but the nests in that moss are lined with warm fur and feathers from the kills made by apprentices and warriors. The queens of the Clan reside here along with their young kits.

Elder’s Den

A large fallen tree that’s gone hollow with age, the elder’s den is possessed of little construction by cats’ paws. Instead, nature has provided an almost perfect place for the oldest cats in the Clan to live. It’s thickly lined with mosses, fur and feathers so that it’s occupants will be less likely to take a chill.

Fresh-kill pile

A small pile of slain prey items that lay in a small depression in the largest open area of the camp. Because of its placement, a returning hunter must parade past the apprentices’, warriors’ and elders’ dens to deposit their kills.

River’s Edge

Tresspass Point

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Geography: The point where ThunderClan Territory meets both RiverClan and WindClan.

Description: Nothing sets this small chunk of territory apart save for the multitude of clan-scents that mark the ground near the Rockpath and on the nearby bushes. WindClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan scents mingle heavily, with faint traces of ShadowClan (the only evidence of the dares so popular amongst the Clan’s apprentices).

Fourtrees Approach

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Geography: The point where ThunderClan Territory meets both RiverClan and WindClan.

Description: Nothing sets this small chunk of territory apart save for the multitude of clan-scents that mark the ground near the Rockpath and on the nearby bushes. WindClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan scents mingle heavily, with faint traces of ShadowClan (the only evidence of the dares so popular amongst the Clan’s apprentices).


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Geography: A large maple tree located between the rockpath and the Stream Clearing on the open ground before the RiverClan border with the River Copse to the west.

Description: A massive maple tree that stands on a stretch of open grass. A hole in the trunk is home to a large tawny owl that can be a danger to kits and small apprentices.

Stream Clearing

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Geography: A small, short-lived stream that splits from the river near the sidestream and cuts into a ThunderClan territory.

Description: While not particularly long, many small fish congregate in this shade section of shallow stream that has split off the main river. The clearing around the stream is rich with grass and moss in the summer, but it is one of the first sections of the river to freeze in winter.


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Geography: A small stream that splits from the river shortly after the bridge and flows through ThunderClan territory into ShadowClan.

Description: A thin stream that flows slowly towards ShadowClan territory. During spring and fall it runs rich with smaller fish that use the shallower water to hide from larger fish.


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Geography: A place on the East Bank between the Upper and Lower Portions.

Description: A flat, rocky area tucked into a bend in the river where it runs deeply. Large stones litter the ground and create wonderful places for a cat to sun itself in addition to a multitude of hide-y-holes for mice and voles.



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Geography: the patch of forest in the northernmost forested section of ThunderClan territory surrounding the Sidestream and directly above camp, the Sandy Hollow and the Stream Clearing.

Description: A patch of dense forest made up primarily of elm and maple trees.

Sandy Hollow

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Geography: A small clearing in between Northforest and Westforest near a curve in the Sidestream.

Description: A small clearing with a sandy floor. The trees that surround it are predominantly oaks and elms, but a large pine does tower above the other surrounding trees.


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Geography: The forest from just east of the Sandy Hollow to shortly before the East Clearing.

Description: A broad swatch of forest dominated by oaks, elders, elms and other leafy trees. It brushes up against the little Thunderpath and provides a good place for hunting.


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Geography: A large area of forest spanning from just beyond to the big pine down to the southern RiverClan Border.

Description: A broad swatch of forest dominated by oaks, elders, elms and other leafy trees. The little Thunderpath stands to the east side, while open riverbank and Sunningrocks is to the west. At the south edge is the border with RiverClan.


Thunderpath Clearing

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Geography: A narrow clearing that runs alongside the big Thunderpath from the sidestream in northforest to snakerocks.

Description: On the north side of the clearing is the Thunderpath, with it’s pebbled shoulders and damp ditches, but the open, grassy space itself is rich in birds and other animals that prefer the forest edges.

Great Sycamore

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Geography: A large tree that stands in a clearing above Eastforest between ThunderClan camp and Snakerocks.

Description: A tree of an impressive size drowns out all other growth and stands in a clearing created by it’s own majesty. The huge sycamore stands overlooking Snakerocks and providing a place for the creatures to escape the summer heat.


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Geography: A clearing surrounded by the Great Sycamore, Eastforest, the Twoleg’s Trees, and the Thunderpath.

Description: A rock littered clearing known for the snakes that populate it. It is also an excellent place to hunt mice that dart amongst the rocks in the mornings before the adders grow active.


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Geography: A patch of forest that butts up against the straight lines of the Twoleg trees that lie to the east. On the west side, this forest tails over the top of the east clearing, which lies to the south of it.

Description: A forested patch that is thick and leafy, full of underbrush and old growth. Wild oak and sycamore trees live alongside young and gangly apple trees, joined by the occasional more domestic species of tree, escaped and gone wild from the orchard.

East Clearing

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Geography: A small clearing between Eastforest and the Twoleg’s Trees with the Small Thunderpath to the south.

Description: A small grassy clearing that is used every leaf-fall by twolegs gathering fruit and nuts from the Twoleg’s Trees. The clearing makes for decent hunting of squirrels moving between Eastforest, the Twoleg’s Trees and Tallpines.

Twoleg’s Trees (Orchard)

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Geography: An organized line of fruit trees located between Eastforest, Snakerocks and Twolegplace.

Description: Ordered lines of trees stand in unnatural rows. The grass beneath them is kept short by Twolegs, who also come to gather the fruit and nuts the trees drop.