1. ShadowClan



Cats of Rank

Leader: Unfilled [ APPLY ]
Deputy: Unfilled
Med. Cat: Briarstream [ APPLY ]
M. C. App.: Unfilled

Character Details

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The ShadowClan of the books is one that lives in darkness, seeks power and war. This dark and aggressive point of view is considered by Children of StarClan to be inaccurate and unlikely to have risen there due to thier isolation from battle with other Clans.


Details on ShadowClan’s territory will be forthcoming soon.


While frogs, snakes and lizards abound in the swampland of ShadowClan, these creatures make up only about half of their diet. Southplains and Forest’s Edge play host to birds and squirrels, while the Heathlands are home to mice and other small rodents. The Ratfields are named for the prolific population of these large and aggressive rodents that roam from the Carrionplace. The Sidestream does not provide good fishing (it’s too shallow and brackish to support many fish), though small ones can occasionally be found.


Due to their difficult hunting conditions and their isolation from the rest of the Clans, ShadowClan has developed into a Clan of cats who are reserved and rather patient on the whole. While there are bold and aggressive cats amongst them, most of these personalities are tempered with the patience the characterizes the Clan.


A discussion of the common physical traits of ShadowClan’s cats will be forthcoming soon.