CoSC Support

This is an ongoing list, by month, showing our most recent supporters.

Support CoSC

All donations made will be used for the ongoing maintenance of the website. At any time a donator may request a list of the year’s expenses so far.

Annual expenses include:

  • Yearly domain registration fee – 16$
  • Annual hosting fees – 109$
  • SSL Certificate – 11$
  • Forum Software Subscription – 190$

Funds Donated


This is how much has been donated to help Kitsu and her Husband cover website expenses.

Funds Paid


This is how much is required to keep the website running in 2024. Kitsu and her family always makes sure this is paid.


Donors are able to redeem their donations for rewards. You can find the details HERE!



  • Kitsufox & SaltFreeValk – ???
    SFV is Kitsu’s Husband. He keeps letting her spend the family’s money on this site. Even if people don’t donate the expenses have to paid to keep the site up and running. These are the people who cover everything the donations don’t cover.
  • Faux – 30$
    “CoSC deserves all the love – and some additional funding to sponsor my character & RP obsession. Thanks for all the great times.”
    “Happy Easter! (๑╹ᆺ╹) ♡”
  • Mushroom – 20$
    “thanks for a fun game!”
  • Kazul_3383 – 25$
    “You said bribe, so I bribed :p”


  • Kitsufox & SaltFreeValk – 326$
    SFV is Kitsu’s Husband. He keeps letting Kitsu spend the family’s money on this site.